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Hunger Games Star Wes Bentley Encourages Drug Addicts to Get Clean

Dec. 2nd– We all know and love The Hunger Games star Wes Bentley as the infuriatingly lovable, and mildly evil, Gamemaker Seneca Crane- and we remember his role in American Beauty. Bentley is making a splash in the lives of those who are afflicted with drug addiction by revealing his struggles to get clean, according to News Succumbing to ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin, after being catapulted into fame with the success of American Beauty, the actor struggled to return to normalcy and the big screen. During his struggle to overcome his addiction Bentley withdrew from Hollywood, and left his fans wondering where he disappeared to. Fully recovered, Bentley has become a champion in supporting other addicts to get clean, despite the stigma around substance abuse, which is little understood, thanks to the criminalization of the failed War on Drugs.

Bentley admits conquering the overwhelming sense of shame. and the stigma surrounding his disease was difficult; yet implores those struggling with substance abuse to keep strong and continue their journeys to recovery. He says,

“There is a stigma that [is] the one you can’t beat, and it is an awful one. It is the devil
. . . That’s partly why I wanted to talk about it, because there’s people out there who are still addicted, and they might not think you can get past it either. But I want to show them that you can.”

Having a strong support system while overcoming addiction is one of the critical defining factors of
success. Bentley admits that it is a continual struggle, but one that he meets with renewed valor
everyday, “I just want people out there to know . . . that it is a beatable and you can live an
amazing, happy life.”

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