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3 Tips for Spending the Holidays with Loved Ones

The holiday season is upon us, and with it the stress and joys of spending time with the people you love. Rather you’re gearing up to travel home for the holidays, playing the host, or opting to celebrate with friends, now is the time to celebrate all you have to be thankful for and surround yourself with love and support. Unfortunately, the winter holidays can also be a tricky time for people in recovery filled with unanticipated triggers and emotional challenges.

Don’t let what should be a time for fun and laughter derail your recovery progress! Here’s 3 tips for spending the holidays with loved ones!


Set Boundaries

As always, your recovery should be your top priority, even during times of celebration. To help safeguard yourself against urges and emotional triggers, set boundaries ahead of time to maintain the structure of your clean and sober lifestyle. Your boundaries can include maintaining a drug and alcohol-free environment, removing yourself from toxic environments and situations, and continuing to employ the skills and tools your gained through treatment.

Don’t be afraid of setting your own boundaries and enforcing them. These boundaries will help you mend and strengthen your relationships with your loved ones. Those who do not respect the boundaries you set for your continued recovery likely aren’t the people you need in your life.


Designate Check-Ins with a Sponsor

If you’re early in your recovery and concerned about slipping up while spending the holidays with loved ones, designating specific times to check in with your sponsor can help you remain focused and steadfast on your path of recovery. Regular check-ins help to maintain the structure of your new lifestyle even during the busy holiday season. Your check ins can be as simple as a quick (but honest!) text. If you’re feeling shaky, call your sponsor and take a few minutes to center yourself again.

Don’t have a sponsor? Make arrangements with a trusted family member or friend to help keep an eye out for potential signs of relapse. Be sure the person you trust with this task is aware of what they should look out for and how to address concerns. While you are ultimately responsible for your own journey, having solid people in your corner makes it easier to enjoy your holidays and keep your commitment to clean and sober living.


Know When to Decline

Just because you’ve been invited to a holiday celebration, doesn’t mean you have to attend- especially if it may put your recovery in jeopardy. If the people in attendance encourage negative behaviors, refuse to recognize your needs, or otherwise create an unsafe environment, do what’s best for you. Learning to put yourself first and to say no when necessary is part of the process; those who truly love and support you will understand.

If you must decline an invitation, try not to spend your holidays alone. This time of year can be especially trying for people in early recovery, so find ways to stay busy, improve yourself, and remain in good spirits and in good company.

What advice do you have for spending the holidays with loved ones? Leave them in the comments below!

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