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Hillary Clinton Advocates Changing Systematic Racism Policy for the Black Lives Matter Movement: Education, Housing, Criminal Justice, Addiction

Whatever your stance is on the Black Lives Matter movement I think we can all agree we’re not getting anywhere by hurting each other and prompting mayhem on top of the madness activists are protesting about. But sometimes you just have to flip things over, right?

Well yeah, but it depends.

To clear up any misconceptions early on, the backbone behind the Black Lives Matter campaign is to demand equal rights for African Americans in the eyes of the law, the political, economic, and humanitarian spectrums. And no, activists of Black Lives Matter do not go around looting businesses. Unfortunately the movement has be unfairly tainted by such actions, from perpetrators committing crimes and hiding behind the guise of #BlackLivesMatter during mass protests and riots.

Black Lives Matter Protest by All-Nite Images licened under CC by 2.0

Those committed to the genuine cause through peaceful protests and public addresses, are demanding law enforcement officials, legislation, and the public acknowledge the tragic injustices committed against the African American community- some of which prefer to be referred to as simply, “Black.”

But the campaign is not merely slated towards the advocacy of the African American population; although it’s true, Black Lives Matter seeks to elucidate everyday injustices revolving African Americans (like the reasons why more African Americans are incarcerated due to drug offences), the movement in its entirety is meant to promote equality for all. Should one race be discriminated against, we all suffer the consequences.  

But you didn’t come for my soap box, you came for Hillary Clinton’s.

According to ABC 7  Hillary Clinton met with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement and advised “changing hearts” is simply not enough to bring the change the movement is committed to achieve. She counsels attacking the heart of systematic racism through policy changes, as one cannot assume lasting resolution from the commiseration of a few white people.

Clinton asserts dismantling prejudice environments of criminal justice, housing, and education policies are the keys to creating a truly equal playing field. ABC 7 quotes the Democratic candidate,

“Look, I don’t believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.”

“You can keep the movement going. . .you may actually change some hearts. But if that’s all that happens we’ll be back here in ten years. . .we will not have all the changes that you deserve to see happen in your lifetime.”

“You’re going to have to come together as a movement and say, ‘Here’s what we want done about it,’ because you can get lip service from as many white people as you can pack in Yankee Stadium. That’s not enough, at least in my book.”

Policies certainly need to evolve, but can’t we change some hearts too?

So back to flipping things over: if we are going to make assertive revolutions it will be through the dismantlement (or flipping over, if you will) of unjust policies disadvantaging the African American population. And yes, you nonbelievers, they do exist. But that’s for another post, and we’ll look more in depth at how rising addiction rates impede the progression of an entire populace- coming soon!

Featured Image: Hillary Clinton by Marc Nozell licensed under CC by 2.0

What do you think about Hillary’s ideas?


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