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5 Free Addiction Recovery eBooks You Need to Read Right Now!

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The more you know about addiction, sobriety, and the recovery process, the better. While personal experience is the most intimate teacher when it comes to substance abuse disorders, it can also be bias and misleading; we think we are alone when millions of others have or are experiencing the same struggles. That’s why unity through community and visibility is so important to the recovery journey: it brings hope and awareness to an invisible killer.

Having the right tools at hand to help you understand your own experiences with addiction and the experiences of others goes a long way to bridge the gaps and bring us together. Thousands of books and videos have been created on the subject- both from a scientific perspective and to recount personal journeys. Investing in these books will broaden your mind and help you understand the world we live in.

Plus, you don’t need money to get the benefits of addiction recovery books: here are 5 that you can download for free right now!


12 Months to Change Your Life: How to Make the Most of Your First Year in Recovery

Your first solo steps on the path of recovery can be shaky. Having this helpful guide at hand is like a set of training wheels- once you’re steady enough, you can graduate to the next level. Since most of your essential knowledge and skills regarding sober living are gained during the first year, ‘12 Months to Change Your Life’ focuses on setting a solid foundation and expanding upon it. In this free eBook, you’ll gain:

  • Tips for finding the right treatment programs and facility for you
  • Encouraging reminders about self-care and self-improvement
  • Advice for forming healthy relationships and building your support system


Addiction and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders: Understanding, Overcoming, and Thriving

Often times, addiction is born from an undiagnosed and unaddressed mental health disorder. Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders- even Schizophrenia and Anti-Social Personality Disorder can increase one’s risk of developing drug or alcohol abuse. This free eBook explains the connection between mental health disorders and substance abuse, laying out the specifics and helping you get a better understanding of yourself or a loved one. It also:

  • Explores common co-occurring mental health disorders and addictive substance abuse
  • Emphasizes the need for legal reformation and legislative intervention to guarantee treatment over punishment
  • Gain inspiration


Practical Wisdom for Recovery

Want to know what you can do to help heal your body in sobriety? How about natural and healthy ways to keep your dopamine levels elevated, thus reducing cravings and boosting your mood? Are you dealing with withdrawal anxiety? All of that and more is examined in this free eBook filled with wonderful nuggets of wisdom to apply in your everyday life. Gain a fuller understanding of:

  • How addiction impacts the nervous system and ways you can help repair it
  • The role of nutrition in maintaining sobriety and overall health
  • How to strengthen your mind and fortify yourself against triggers and urges


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Holistic Healing for Addiction:

Enlivening Body, Mind, and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Hate

The avenues of holistic healing can be super beneficial when leading a sober lifestyle. ‘Holistic Healing’ is the ultimate guide to syncing your mind, body, and spirit with the ultimate goal of overcoming the underlying causes of substance abuse. Learn to use meditation, mindfulness, and other alternative means of treatment to cope with life’s challenges. By employing a new range of coping mechanisms, dependence on illicit substances is no more. Through this free eBook:

  • Learn to identify deep-rooted causes of addiction and triggers
  • Recognize and correct the impact of substance abuse on your mind and thoughts
  • Gain healthy alternative coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, anxiety, and other difficult emotions


Raise Your Voice: Stories of Addiction Recovery

Other people’s stories can be incredibly inspirational in the journey of recovery. While everyone’s experience is different, learning about the common threads that connect us all is eye-opening. This free eBook was written specifically to commemorate National Recovery Month, celebrated each September to raise awareness and inspire others to seek help in sobriety. In this newest eBook, you can:

  • Read the stories of people who have overcome addiction to lead a life of sobriety
  • Learn from their encouraging words of wisdom
  • See the rippling effects of addiction on the family and loved ones
  • Appreciate art inspired by the journey of recovery


Check out more free addiction recovery ebooks HERE.


What are your favorite books about addiction recovery? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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