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Fossil Discovery Says Dinosaurs Loved Psychedelic Fungi: Dino LSD Related to Ergot

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Would you go as far to trip on LSD by eating mold?

Don’t do that, you’ll die.

But the dinosaurs didn’t. (Well, not from ergot poisoning at least.)

A new fossil discovery confirmed the presence of pre-historic grass, which in turn lead to the discovery of a hallucinogenic fungi. Paleontologists were surprised to find evidence of dinosaurs consuming the fungi, and speculate our feathered friends may have experienced a measure of the psychedelic derivative.

Take it from George Poinar, whose work inspired the masterpiece franchise: Jurassic Park.

“It seems like ergot has been involved with animals and humans almost forever, and now we know that this fungus literally dates back to the earliest evolution of grasses. This is an important discovery that helps us understand the timeline of grass development, which now forms the basis of the human food supply in such crops as corn, rice, or wheat.
But it also shows that this parasitic fungus may have been around almost as long as the grasses themselves, as both a toxin and natural hallucinogen.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind that it would have been eaten by sauropod dinosaurs, although we can’t know what exact effect it had on them.”

So were dinosaurs using recreational drugs, or were they simply going through their regular routine and chewing on the leaves they always did? Did the dinosaurs build up a tolerance to the psychedelic, making them immune to their effects- or were they simply too large to take effect at all?

Did they actively seek out the mold to get high?

We know many animals get high in the wild.

Hopefully continued research will answer our burning dinosaur drug-crazed questions. But for now, we’ll have to make due with mass speculation, internet trolls, and fierce battles between dino wiz kids online.

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