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Florida Man Arrested while wearing T-Shirt Reading “I Have Drugs”

In an ironic report by the Huffington Post a 50 year old florida man named John Balmer was arrested for possession charges while wearing an incriminating T-Shirt. The traitorous raiment caught the attention of nearby police officers, declaring to the world that, yes, he did in fact possess drugs. It reads, “Who Needs Drugs?” and then directly under the potentially uplifting sentiment, “Seriously, I have some.” Ouch! That’s not what we were hoping for.

The arrest happened in a Hudson Kmart, by the Pasco County Sheriff deputy. After allegedly witnessing balmer attempt to pass on a suspicious bag- containing what eventually was proven to be marijuana and methamphetamine- the officers were approached by Kmart employees when Balmer abandoned the bag after paying for his purchases. At least there’s that- Balmer isn’t a thief.

In the midst of his arrest, the alleged drug dealer is seen grimacing away from the camera, which is somehow humorous. Don’t wear incriminating shirts and expect to avert trouble completely, especially when you’re committing the exact crime that your shirt is advertising!

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