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Five Finger Death Punch Releases “My Nemesis” Revealing the Heartbreak of Drug Addicts (VIDEO)

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Drug Addicts’ Addictions Affect More Than Just Themselves

“My Nemesis” follows the stories of three families; who are riddled with drug addicts and the effects addiction has on both the family circle, and the people who are struggling with their substance use disorders.

Get ready for an emotional ride:

Here’s what Five Finger Death Punch has to say about “My Nemesis:”

“In life everyone has a nemesis… it can be anything… a self defeating thinking pattern, a bad habit, an addiction, an adversary… something or someone that puts you in an impossible scenario, where you are presented with a fork in the road.

Sometimes there is no other choice but making a hard choice. You can give up and just suffer the situation, or you can use your pain to overcome it, as pain is truly the wind in the sails of change. We wanted to present a story about moving on, a story that probes and questions compassion and loyalty.

Those are beautiful notions, but remember you have to be loyal and fair to yourself as well, so will you sacrifice yourself for another or will you live with the guilt that you didn’t.”

Jeremy Spencer Heyde, Drummer of Five Finger Death Punch, Overdosed on Meth and Cocaine After a 20 Hour Binge in 2014

Jeremy Spencer by Ralph Arvesen licensed under CC by 2.0

“My Nemesis” hits home for FFDP’s Jeremy Spencer who overdosed on meth and cocaine after a 20 hour binge fest in vegas. His experience, and realization he was going to die if he kept on the way he was, spurred him to find an addiction treatment center, and shed ties with his friends who were unfortunate drug addicts, not yet ready to pursue treatment themselves.

Spencer wrote an autobiography about his experiences with addiction in Death Punch’d: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem.

Five Finger Death Punch Goes on Tour with Shinedown, Sixx: A.M. & As Lions

Here’s the newscap from our much welcomed news for FFDP:

  • Tour will treck from Little Rock, AR, moving through North America through December
  • Other bands include: SIXX:A.M, As Lions, and of course, Shinedown
  • VIP tickets are already available as of April 28th
Zoltan Bathory by Sarah Dope licensed under CC by 1.0

A humorous quote from FFDP’s Zoltan Bathory:

“I wanted to give you a brilliant quote about trying to keep rock music alive by assembling bills that can sell out arenas where everyone can have the production rock shows deserve, or bringing out new talented bands and expose them to huge crowds… or about rebuilding a community with the help of rock radio, and donating to good causes while we are at it… but we are so busy doing it that I ran out of quotes”.

Featured Image: Derrick Austinson by Five Finger Death Punch licensed under CC by 2.0

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