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Drunk Robber Wears Clear Bag Over His Head During Crime

Two drunk men tried to hold up a gas station, but were foiled by the store clerk. One of the robbers, Jamie Neil, 41, wore a clear, see-through plastic bag over his head when he attempted to hold up and steal from a gas station at St. Austell, Cornwall in England.

Gareth Tilley, 20, his accomplice, wore a scarf and pointed a cell phone at the store clerk as a gun. However, when the light on the phone’s screen light flashed on, the clerk pressed the alarm button that signaled the police. Neil struggled with the clerk, head butted her and stole several bottles of spirits. Both men fled the scene but were quickly apprehended by police.

It was determined that both men were intoxicated and had stolen prescription drugs. They were each convicted of robbery and sentenced to two years in prison.

Detective Constable Steve White said Neil’s disguise was the most ridiculous one he had ever seen. Neil was brought to justice just two days later when off duty Constable Lauren Holley was driving her mother home when she recognized Neil and called for backup. During the gas station robbery, Neil’s image was easily picked up by the gas station’s cameras and the CCTV images were distributed to police.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but alcohol abuse can cause serious health issues up to and including death for drinkers and innocent bystanders. In fact, about 11,000 people are killed each year by alcohol-impaired drivers – nearly one third of all traffic related deaths in the United States, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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