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2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Suggests That All Drugs Be Legalized

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 

Ex-reality tv star and 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump began his controversial presidential run by siding against the narcotics, illegal crime, and rape the country of Mexico was sending in our direction.

In his current Republican presidential run, Trump is not a supporter of illegal drugs. Trump claims he’s never tried controlled substances, and told Sean Hannity in an interview last summer that he strongly opposes the legalization of pot.

Today Trump may appear as the typical drug warrior who’s passionate about combating against illegal drugs, however in times past Trump publicly supported the idea of legalizing drugs in the United States. He also called out a number of politicians for lacking the courage to end the detrimental war on drugs, according to The Daily Beast.

In 1990 in the midst of a luncheon hosted by the Miami Herald, Trump criticized U.S. drug enforcement policy deeming it as a “joke,” in addition to arguing that tax dollars collected from a legalized and regulated narcotics industry could be used to fund programs designed to educate Americans on the dangers of drugs and addiction. Trump was especially compelled to comment on the drug war due to his claims that South Florida has a huge drug problem. He blamed the issue on politicians not having the guts to address the issue.

It’s challenging to determine whether or not Trump is in support of legalizing all drugs in today’s society. Trump recently voiced has support for the use of medical marijuana and suggested that states should have the ability to decide on whether or not recreational weed should be legalized.

Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine commented on Trump’s double-sided view in an email to Daily Beast stating,

“Probably goes to show that if you spend decades just mindlessly and confidently blurting out whatever comes to mind, you’ll eventually hit on the right answer. Though the fact that even Donald freaking Trump has more history of being right on the Drug War than Hilary Clinton should be deeply embarrassing for America.”

Do you think Donald Trump had a change of heart from has views in the 90s or is he no longer a fan of illegal drugs to win votes in his presidential run?

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