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Dear Donald Trump- Thanks for Killing America

I hesitate to write this. I, just like the rest of America, want to move forward with life and let go of the anger and hate. But as a citizen who will potentially be greatly and adversely affected by the policies the incoming administration is planning to implement, I simply cannot stay silent. As an empathetic human being who can see the undue suffering these policies will cause, I have to use my platform to speak for those who will not be heard. Because of this, I have to say:


Dear Donald Trump,

Thank you for killing America. As the president-elect, scheduled to be inaugurated this coming Friday, you hold the highest office in the United States- and the greatest responsibility as a public servant. Crafty language and fear-mongering may have won you this election, but now that the American public is opening their eyes to your deceit, the fear is palpable.
As you know, many of your former supporters have realized that their health care and insurance is in danger and are now begging you to end the assault on the Affordable Care Act. With no replacement in sight, millions of Americans will lose their healthcare coverage leaving them at loss with what to do. Pre-existing conditions, low income, and other factors prevent many of those impacted by the ACA repeal from finding affordable insurance; the suffering will be far reaching.


Despite the fact that The Affordable Care Act is now more popular than ever and national protests are demanding you act in the favor of the people, you continue to move selfishly for the sake of you and your associates.

Substance abuse and overdose is an epidemic affecting the entire nation. Many impacted by this public health and safety crisis rely on insurance coverage to gain access to recovery services, unable to afford treatment otherwise. While the fight to make recovery services more accessible to everyone continues on, the progress we’ve made because of this national insurance program is under attack. The Affordable Care Act has saved thousands of lives since its inception, including many treated here at Harbor Village. Repealing the ACA is a massive step back in the fight to end the substance abuse epidemic.

Your devotion to protecting your money and personal interests is going to kill America. Those you have convinced this repeal is somehow for the good of America may still hold on to the hope that you have their best interest in mind, but time will show your true motives. In just one day you will take the helm of this ship and I hope- for all of us- that you will not lead us to devastation.

Are you being impacted by the ACA repeal? Tell us your story in the comments below and reach out to your representatives to make your voice heard!

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