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3 Objectives of Drug Detox Treatment

Successfully completing drug detox treatment is more than receiving a certificate of completion. Victims of drug and alcohol addiction are expected to attain a certain level of understanding revolving the disease of addiction. While it’s true, drug detox treatment is designed to redress the initial physical dependence of addiction, treatment...

Author James Hannaham Comments on Drug Addiction in his Novel, Delicious Foods

The highly anticipated novel, penned by James Hannaham and published by Little Brown and Company (2015), Delicious Foods, hit shelves this Tuesday. The narrative follows Eddie and his mother as they attempt to navigate a dangerous realm of realistic slavery in modern America. His mother, Darlene is plagued with addiction,...

Dogs can Help Recovering Drug Addicts to Reclaim their Lives in Rehabilitation and Beyond

12/29– Canine companions are being used to help treat victims of drug abuse in rehabilitation centers, according to World Crunch. The ideology behind this furry practice stems in response to a frequent sense of isolation, loneliness, and a blatant refusal to accept treatment among a majority of weary patients. The...

Holiday Stress Tips to Avoid Threats to Your Sobriety

The holidays at the end of the year can be a rough time for anyone and no less so than for recovering addicts. For alcoholics, the number of holiday parties can seem less like joyous gatherings and more like a constant reminder of their condition. Being surrounded by people drinking...

Women: If You’re Pregnant, Drinking Can Lead To Your Child’s Death

Children of women who consume alcohol while pregnant are three times more likely to die from SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – compared to women who do not have alcohol issues, according to a recent study conducted in Australia. This story details the importance of early detection of alcohol...

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