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Preliminary Research from Beijing Links Erectile Dysfunction with Illicit “Party Drug” Use

Sorry guys, if you’re using popular club drugs to get you in the mood, you may actually be doing the exact opposite thing you’re trying to achieve. I know, it sucks. A recent study released by the journal of Sexual Medicine published preliminary results from a study which analyzed the...

Research Suggests Stimulant Drug Abuse Affects The Brain’s of Women More Than Men

According to new research findings from a study conducted by the Radiological Society of North America, women who abuse stimulants are susceptible to experiencing critical and long term reduction in brain volume (known as atrophy), in addition to incurring changes which affect their emotional and decision-making abilities. These effects can still...

The Game of Substitution: Study Suggests People Begin Substituting Marijuana for Alcohol at Age 21

According to Washington Post, a recent study found that alcohol tends to become the substitute for marijuana when individuals hit the legal drinking age of 21. The study which had been published in the Journal of Health Economics found that alcohol consumption among those who are freshly 21 spikes and...

Broward High School Students Are Becoming Experts at Hiding Alcohol Consumption

According to a recent article published by Local 10, high schoolers are becoming devilishly creative in their efforts to consume alcohol undetected by their parents, the school system, and local authorities. The article shares some disturbing secrets teenagers are using to smuggle and consume alcohol right in front of their...

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