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Binge Drinker, Food Addict, Turned Drug Rehab Counselor

Jan. 6th— In an uplifting story published by the Daily Mail university student Charlotte DeAbreau had an entirely unhealthy relationship with food. In a sense, she was a food addict. Fortunately, after graduating Charlotte regained control over her life, and stopped consuming entire pizzas after a night of partying. Although a food addiction may not seem like a valid concern, Charlotte’s was joined by binge drinking. Admitting to consuming 385 calorie “snakebite” drinks the university student knew that she had to change her behavior, or risk being unable to recognize herself.

After graduation Charlotte made it her goal to overcome her binge drinking and unhealthy eating habits. Recovering from her minor dance with addiction, Charlotte resolved to use her experiences to help others by becoming a drug rehab counselor. Charlotte aims to help people recover from harmful drug addiction. Serving as a drug rehab counselor, she encounters a myriad of victims in the throes of alcohol addiction. Charlotte comments that the first step to recovering from any kind of addiction is to take an honest look at yourself, actively recognizing the problems you have lost control over.

The young drug rehab counselor beamed, “Now I have control over my life and have a job I love where I am helping others.”

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