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Author James Hannaham Comments on Drug Addiction in his Novel, Delicious Foods

The highly anticipated novel, penned by James Hannaham and published by Little Brown and Company (2015), Delicious Foods, hit shelves this Tuesday. The narrative follows Eddie and his mother as they attempt to navigate a dangerous realm of realistic slavery in modern America. His mother, Darlene is plagued with addiction, and is held captive by the Delicious Foods company who enables her to continue using, but enslaves her to the throes of work, abuse, and addiction.

NPR interviewed Hannaham about the addiction aspect of his literary work and he had this to say:

Concerning addiction manifesting as the narrator in some instances of Delicious Foods, Hannaham comments, “It came about rather naturally for something that seemed so odd. I had just started writing the book, and I was writing about Darlene in the third-person. so, I wanted to write from the third-person about this woman who happened to be a drug addict, and it was a very close third-person. And it was in this kind of trashy voice, for some reason. . . But then I started asking myself the question you might start to ask yourself when you’re writing an idiosyncratic voice in the first-person. . . Who is this person? . . . I asked myself that question and then I said, ‘Oh my God. It’s the drug.’“

NPR asked Hennaham what he wanted to explore about addiction in his literary work, “I was living with somebody for while who was a drug addict, who was a very good friend of mine. And I think. . .my interest in addiction comes from that relationship.” He continues, “There’s this other entity, this other person, this other thing that seems to be coming between you and the relationship with your friend, or your relative, or your other loved one. And it’s weird that they’re having this intense relationship that is keeping you from having a relationship with them.”

Stay tuned during the following weeks for an in-depth review of Delicious Foods. Pick up a copy for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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