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Alcohol Abuse May Rise As Supermarket Chain Opens In-Store Bars

Hy-Vee, a Midwestern supermarket chain with about 235 locations, introduced a bar and restaurant concept called the Market Grille in its store in Urbandale, Iowa. Complete with waiters and fairly upscale menu, it’s a sit-down experience that features a bar stocked with more than 65 craft beers and other alcoholic beverages to suit your taste.

Supermarkets that feature bars on the premises will make it easier for addicts to purchase alcoholic beverages. This problem may worsen over time, which will serve to heighten the issue of alcohol addiction. The spotlight will brighten on professional detox centers like Harbor Village who provide the medically supervised assistance needed for recovery.

Over the next three years Hy-Vee plans plans to expand its bar concept by remodeling 75 stores to include Market Grilles.

“This is breaking ground, putting a bar into a grocery store,” John Weiler, a chef at the Urbandale Market Grille, said, according to Supermarket News. “Our goal is to serve some great food, great value, in a fantastic new atmosphere. Just to blow people’s minds as to what Hy-Vee is, what Hy-Vee can do.”

Alcohol abuse can cause serious health issues up to and including death for drinkers as well as loss of job, home, family, friends and self worth. With one’s life literally at stake, Harbor Village, located in sunny South Florida, provides private alcohol rehab for clients in an upscale, 24/7 state-of-the art environment. Luxury accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite with satellite television, over an acre of scenic outdoor lounge area, spa, salon, massage and acupuncture services, nutritious, gourmet dining and the individualized care by the attentive staff. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.

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