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5th Annual Luncheon Helps Recovering Addicts Spread Awareness

Are you looking to spread addiction awareness while also enjoying a nice meal? Do you have a story you want to share in order to help others coping with substance abuse disorders? An annual luncheon held in Wausau, Wisconsin is helping citizens of Central and North Central Wisconsin do just that.

The fifth annual Faces of Recovery Luncheon, hosted by the AOD and Drug Free Communities, took place yesterday, September 8th. WSAW reports that the luncheon offers a platform for people in recovery to share their stories as well as allowing local addiction treatment providers to speak. Attendants can choose to simply sit and listen to the shared anecdotes and information, or they may contribute their own experiences.

Abby McDougall is 30 years into her sobriety journey and shared her struggles and triumphs at this year’s banquet. She said that even with three decades under her belt, speaking about her addiction is still difficult, but she chose to do so ‘to help put a face to addiction.’

She had this to say to the attendants of the luncheon:

“It’s taken me a long time in my recovery and my healing to have the courage to speak out publicly without shame. Even though it’s difficult emotionally to put yourself out there, it’s nothing I need to be ashamed of by any means and I hope to get courage and hope out there for others needing help.”

Events like the Faces of Recovery Luncheon and others held throughout September are instrumental in helping spread addiction and recovery awareness. September is National Recovery month, a time to get educated about what addiction truly is- a potentially deadly disease that affects millions of Americans every day. By fighting against stigmas and stereotypes assigned to victims of addiction, their families, and friends we can reach more people in need and assure they get the treatment and support they need for recovery and sobriety.

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