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4 Uplifting Videos About Triumph and Perseverance

With the current political and social atmosphere on the United States, we could all use a little encouragement. There’s a reason that uplifting, feel good videos often go viral online: they inspire us and make us feel like anything is possible. Sometimes, in addiction recovery, we need that. So to help you out and get this Friday going in the right direction, here’s a collection of 4 uplifting videos about triumph and perseverance.



“The most powerful and motivational speeches I have ever heard came from people who told me I couldn’t do something…”

Sometimes in life we face adversity not within ourselves but through others who bring us down with their doubts and nay-saying. This incredibly uplifting video is motivational because it teaches us the power of perception. When we turn those negative words and assumptions into fuel to push us toward our goal those critics go silent. Proving them wrong is great, but proving to yourself that you could do it without their support is even better. That’s the feeling you’ll hold onto- that’s what will make you a better, stronger person in the end.



Trent Shelton is a well-known motivational speaker whose videos on self-improvement and advice for life have been shared millions of times across social media. He pushes a message of inner strength and perseverance that can carry you through the most vulnerable times back into the light. He brings joy to millions through his uplifting videos even when he’s not speaking like in this video. I strongly encourage you to follow Trent Shelton for the encouragement and motivation you need to carry you through addiction recovery.



If you’re waiting for your sign to make your move toward your dreams, this is it. All the pieces are never going to be perfectly aligned if you just stay where you are waiting on it. You cannot find your road to success because you haven’t built it yet. Each step you take toward achieving your goals should set up the foundation for your next. You are the project manager of this construction site; no one else can set your path for you. Stop waiting and get to work!


Sometimes the most uplifting videos are the ones that show us there are still good people out there. Those who leap into action when they are needed- not out of duty or for the reward, but because it was the right thing to do. While some may scoff at these kinds of compilations, even the smallest acts of human decency can be uplifting and inspirational. Remember to pay it forward.

Do you have a favorite uplifting video? Leave it in the comment section for others to draw inspiration!

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