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Why Support Systems are Important
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Marisa Dellarmo


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8 Activities That Aren’t Off Limits This Summer

While the world is gradually beginning to open back up, some may still be apprehensive about going out. However, despite businesses reopening, social distancing measures are being encouraged. This means for the sake of balance, it’s ok for you to have safe fun this summer.  What is safe fun? Well,...

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Romantic Relationships

As human beings, we’re naturally inclined to create bonds and relationships with others. There are different types of relationships you’ll experience throughout your life which include family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic relationships. However, romantic relationships tend to be the most discussed.  Every relationship you’re in is either healthy or...

Overcoming The Cycle of Depression

Many forms of mental health that affect individuals––depression being one of them. When we hear the word depression, we may often think of someone who is just sad, upset, or having a hard time dealing with emotions and feelings. It sounds like something with a simple solution, right?  While depression...

Overcoming Perfectionism in Recovery

Perfectionism is a common characteristic trait for many people living with active addiction and those in recovery. It seems like a conflicting statement: the drive to be perfect but reliant on substance use as a coping mechanism. In actuality, those in recovery or active addiction tend to hold themselves to...

Why Support Systems are Important

Imagine a world without any form of support. No one to call, no one to see, no one to reach out to in a time of a crisis and no one to share in your good or bad news. Sounds scary or even unimaginable right? As human beings, our nature...

Telehealth Services: Benefits for Mental Health

Along with the physical health impacts of COVID-19, there have also been psychological impacts related to the pandemic. Tele-mental health services are feasible and appropriate to support individuals, families, and essential workers during this time. Psychological symptoms can be observed in our society as we see anxiety driven panic buying...

What is in My Control?

What is in my control? This can be a difficult question during a time like this where there seems to be so many things that are out of our control. We can’t control when restaurants and businesses are going to open, we can’t control the closing or opening of schools,...

Mental Health Crisis

The Washington Post posted an article on the Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on our mental health as it shared that America is on the verge of another health crisis of mental health: depression, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicide.  This article was relatable, as a licensed clinical social worker who...

Relapse Prevention Tips and Covid-19

Since starting a career in the substance abuse field, I’ve had the chance to work with many clients who have experienced a relapse. I’ve also helped them discover factors that have influenced their relapse. Since Covid-19 began, individuals in recovery and those who have achieved sobriety are facing two challenges...

Coping with a Break-Up During COVID-19

Since the spread of COVID-19 has resulted into a world wide pandemic and lockdowns across the country, increased levels of anxiety, depression, stress are impacting even the strongest romantic relationships. While the majority of individuals in romantic relationships express not having enough time to spend with their loved ones, no...

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