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10 Recovery Goals You Can Set Right Now

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1. Recovery Goals: Get Up Earlier


I know I know, who wants to get up earlier in the morning? But don’t knock it until you try it– those who make it a point to greet a new day are more positive and ready to tackle the day!

2.  Tidy Up The Homefront


Our moods are surprisingly tied to our environments. So the messy laundry piling up all over the floor? Pick it up! I swear it will only take 37 seconds and your mental state will thank you for it. While you’re at it take stray dishes back to the kitchen, and ladies, take a moment to put your makeup and hair accessories away.

3.  Make An Achievement Attack Plan


You’ve got s*%! to do, I have s*%! to do, so let’s get it done! Make a quick itinerary of the things you have to get done this week and create an overview of the tasks you need to complete. By doing this you’re taking control of your life, being productive, and furthering your self-interests by investing a measly ten minutes into light planning.

(And yes, this will help you pay the electric bill before the last hour it’s due online.)

4. Commit to Sober Meetings


You know those support groups you keep pushing off going to? Put your foot down (on yourself) and go. Just pick a day and get your butt in there. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back, but at least give AA, NA, or a similar affiliation (or a group of friends) a chance to help change your life by sharing sobriety tips, touching stories, and general life advice. You never know, you could be the one to change someone else’s life.

5. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do


You’ve got a bucket list, don’t you? Why not make an effort to check some of your crazy adventures off? Want to go backpacking? Instead of running away with six pairs of undies and swimming trunks to backback in the jungle, why not take a mini backbacking adventure instead? Consider local state parks and campgrounds. You have the power to make tiny wishes come true everyday.

6.  Start Applying for that Dream Job


No, maybe you won’t be an astrophysicist right away, but you can start taking baby steps to becoming one. Why not pick up a few books on skills you’ll need for your dream job? Take free online classes, or head over to a community college to get some in-class experience. Consider earning a certificate or completing a specialized program. As long as you continually take one step forward to conquer your goals, you are applying for your dream job- in baby steps.  

7. Make Time to Hang Out with Friends


Been a hermit? Me too. Get out of your house and remind your friends you love them. When we’re in a state of vulnerability we tend to recoil into our dens of solitude, but sometimes that’s the exact opposite of what you need! Making time to spend time with your loved ones is an important aspect of your recovery goals for you, and for them. Rebuilding bridges damaged in the throes of addiction is important– and creating lasting bonds means putting time and effort into your relationships.

8. Get Out in Nature


Spending time in nature is an instrumental tool in successful recovery goals from drug and alcohol addiction. Being alone in nature gives you a unique opportunity to be alone without the hustle and bustle of city life. Leave your phone on silent and allow yourself to connect with the energy of the trees, waters, air, and earth.

9. Pick Up Meditation & Mindful Thinking


In the same vein as making a concerted effort to spend time in nature, taking ten minutes to quietly meditate every day will do wonders for your mental health. Meditation allows us to reflect on our goals, ambitions, and new resolve to sobriety. Mindful thinking helps us make conscious decisions and weigh the pros and cons of our actions before we take them. Click to read our free guide on how to meditate for mental health.

10. Dedicate Yourself to You


The most important goal you can set for yourself on the road to sobriety? Finding yourself. You are beyond the most important aspect of your complete recovery from addiction. Only you can motivate yourself to change your stars! Make a promise to yourself to change all of the things you’ve hated about your life and pave a new tomorrow!

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