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10 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Recovery

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Here’s a question: what do you think is the most dangerous emotion to experience in early recovery? Anger? Depression? Anxiety? All good and valid answers, but ultimately they’re incorrect. The answer is boredom.

Boredom leads to a wandering mind which can be just the hitch in your resolve necessary for addiction to come slithering right back in. While staying focused on your goals and continued recovery is a great method for securing your sobriety, there’s no reason life has to become boring! Try out these 10 fun ways to spice up your recovery:

Change Up Your Hair

Being creative with your hairstyle could be just the fresh new start you’re looking for. Rather you just get a trim or decide to dye your hair electric pink, use your hair to express yourself. Not looking to commit to a funky new cut? Wigs are great for that! Use them to test out a look before you head to the salon or for versatility in your day to day look. Go darker or lighter; try highlights, or get really bold with phoenix hair! Don’t be afraid to experiment- it’s just hair.

Get a Tattoo or Piercing

Speaking of self-expression, tattoos and piercings are a great way to spice up your recovery! Your body is a canvas to decorate as you see fit. Bring beauty into your life; commemorate your dedication to recovery. Rather this is your first piece and you it to be simple and minimalist or you’re adding a new piece to your collection, take your time to consider the perfect design and research your tattoo artist- this will be permanent after all. Piercings may be easier to remove, but they deserve the same due consideration.

Start a New Art Project

Focusing on artistic pursuits has a number of benefits when it comes to addiction recovery, including distraction from urges and an outlet for emotional expression. A new art project could take any number of forms: poetry, drawing, painting, sculpting, or prose. You can decide to set aside a specific hour of every day to complete a novel or start keeping an art journal specifically for those emotionally vulnerable moments. Either way, let art be your medium for staying on the straight and narrow.

Pick Up a Course

Spice up your recovery and do something great for your future through continued education! Pursue your interests by seeking a degree, get certified in a trade, or take some non-degree courses for expanding your horizons. Through sobriety you learn that your limits are as high as you place them. Your past has no hold on where your future can go. Look into free online courses or more traditional schooling; research and apply to scholarships and financial aid.

Change Your Wardrobe

It may seem superficial, but changing the way you dress yourself can really turn your life around. The way you present yourself outwardly can impact the way you view yourself, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Start with a new, sleek shirt or dress, a pair of shoes, or some unique accessories. Try on those outfits you don’t think you’ll be able to pull off- you might be surprised.

Get a Pet

Furry, scaly, or feathered, owning a pet enriches our lives in ways non-pet owners simply can’t understand. Getting a pet as part of your recovery gives you a constant, faithful companion, responsibility, and support. Spice up your recovery with a cute little furry friend, but make sure you’re ready and able to take care of them as they need to be.

Take a Road Trip

Travelling as part of your continued recovery journey can be a truly enlightening experience. Expand your worldly views, experience different cultures and traditions; travelling is as much about self-discovery as it is about discovering what the world has to offer. Start of small and road trip around your state. Make sure you plan properly to avoid situations that could lead to relapse. Live the experience but make sure you take plenty of pictures to remember your adventures!

Create Your Own Docuseries

In this world of the internet and YouTube, anyone can be a documentarian. Grab your camera or cell phone and document your journey to spice up your recovery! Your willingness to let people into your world will help disperse stigmas and assumptions society still holds about people in recovery and addiction. Your journey could serve to inspire others to begin their own.

Contribute to a Recovery Blog

Not so sure about getting in front of a camera? Contributing to a recovery blog can also spice things up! Share your story with others who understand the struggles of addiction and recovery; educate others on different related topics. There are hundreds of recovery blogs looking to hear from you and give you a platform for encouraging others while also expressing yourself. Becoming a recovery blogger also gives you an online community of support from others travelling the same journey.

Become a Sponsor

Be cautious before embarking on this way to spice up your recovery: make sure you are in a steady place in your own sobriety before you reach out in aid of others. If you are, and you’re committed to being an important part of someone else’s support network, becoming a sponsor could be a life changing experience on both sides. Be open and honest about your own personal needs when it comes to sponsoring someone, too- don’t let getting tied up in their drama derail your recovery.

Do you have suggestions for ways to spice up your recovery? Leave it in the comments!

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