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Suicidal Thoughts Increase For Prescription Drug Abusers

According to a new study, those who use prescription opiate drugs, other than as directed by a physician, are more likely to have thoughts about suicide than those who use them as prescribed or not at all. Recently, a National Institute on Drug Abuse sponsored study (3/4), reported that people...

New Study: Missing Enzyme Causes Pain Killer Dependency

A new study conducted at the University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles has found that a missing enzyme found in the body is the reason behind a drug addict’s dependency on prescription pain killers. Why are some people more vulnerable to drug addiction than others? Everyone’s body produces...

Women: If You’re Pregnant, Drinking Can Lead To Your Child’s Death

Children of women who consume alcohol while pregnant are three times more likely to die from SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – compared to women who do not have alcohol issues, according to a recent study conducted in Australia. This story details the importance of early detection of alcohol...

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