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Study: Drinking Beer Can Create The Urge To Consume More Alcohol

A research study has found that drinking a small amount of beer may trigger a part of your brain’s reward system and give one the urge to consume more alcohol. Researchers have found that when someone drinks, there are sensory cues that may affect certain parts of the brain, which...

Report: 70% Of Americans On Prescription Drugs

The Mayo Clinic has reported that nearly 70% of Americans are taking at least one prescription drug and more than 50% are on at least two prescriptions. Twenty percent are on at least five prescription drugs. The study is uncovering important information on how drugs are used in this country....

Four States “Significantly Positive” For Latino Success At Drug Treatment Centers

According to a recent study, four states—Florida, Texas, Kansas and Oregon have minority success rates significantly positive for Latinos in relation to white clients for completing drug abuse treatment programs. A University of Iowa study, which was published in the May Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal, found that were wide...

Suicidal Thoughts Increase For Prescription Drug Abusers

According to a new study, those who use prescription opiate drugs, other than as directed by a physician, are more likely to have thoughts about suicide than those who use them as prescribed or not at all. Recently, a National Institute on Drug Abuse sponsored study (3/4), reported that people...

New Study: Missing Enzyme Causes Pain Killer Dependency

A new study conducted at the University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles has found that a missing enzyme found in the body is the reason behind a drug addict’s dependency on prescription pain killers. Why are some people more vulnerable to drug addiction than others? Everyone’s body produces...

Women: If You’re Pregnant, Drinking Can Lead To Your Child’s Death

Children of women who consume alcohol while pregnant are three times more likely to die from SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – compared to women who do not have alcohol issues, according to a recent study conducted in Australia. This story details the importance of early detection of alcohol...

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