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Help loved one rehab
How to Help Your Loved One Through Rehab

Here at Harbor Village we receive a lot of questions from concerned family members and friends looking for ways to help their loved ones overcome substance abuse and addiction. While it remains true that you can’t force sobriety on anyone, there are things you can do to help encourage recovery and support your loved ones […]

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ways to pay for rehab
Ways to Pay for Rehab

Cost of care should not be a deterrent for seeking treatment, but for thousands of people living check to check or without income, it is. This unfortunate reality impacts all aspects of healthcare, but when it comes to addiction and substance abuse things are further complicated. Frustration with inability to cover the costs often gets […]

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Going to rehab
Tough Realities of Going to Rehab

Deciding to enter treatment for a substance abuse disorder is a big step- larger than most people give you credit for. Sobriety is more than completing a program and getting a fancy certificate: it’s a lifestyle change that takes a lot to commit to. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself, yes, but we […]

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