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John Stamos Checks into Drug Rehab, But What About Fuller House?

John Stamos By Dominick licensed under CC by 2.0 Our beloved Full House star, John Stamos, who played the effervescent Uncle Jesse, has voluntarily checked himself into a drug rehabilitation program, according to People; presumably for a possible alcohol use disorder. If you recall John Stamos was charged with DUI...

Video Games and Mental Illness: Hellblade Immerses Players Into the World of Psychosis

Anytime I have a viable excuse for playing a video game, I’m happy. And if war-torn warrior princesses are your thing, then you may want to consider grabbing a copy of Hellblade when it debuts in 2016. The third person tragedy unfolds in the mind of a Celtic warrior named...

Charleston Church Shooting, Drugs & Race Wars: Expert Says Suboxone Made Dylan Roof Do It

After the wake of the Charleston Church Shooting, Dylan Roof’s name is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Since the atrocity took place, the nation has erupted in heated debates about race, the Confederate flag, gun policy, and the role suboxone may have played in the massacre. Initially we piggy...

Mental Health Awareness in Broward County May Help Slow Down the Flakka Epidemic

It doesn’t look like flakka is going away, and that’s bad news for South Florida, and Broward County in particular. In response, local Broward officials recently held a meeting regarding the benefits of mobilizing mental health awareness campaigns to help combat the influx of flakka use (which of course, come...

Flakka, a Dangerous Designer Drug, Induces Man to Perform Sexual Acts on a Tree

Flakka strikes again, and this time in a most disturbing way. Kenneth Crowder (41) was arrested for battery on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest, according to Local 10. The police report states Crowder was streaking (running naked) through a residential area of Melbourne proclaiming...

Stay Away from K2 (Spice) If You Want to Avoid a Hospital Visit

Our sister state, Alabama, is experiencing a string of hospitalizations on the account of a synthetic substance known as K2 (Spice). The substance is potentially addictive, and is branded as “natural,” which is endearing consumers to the dangerous substance. According to CBS News, Alabama public health officers report 98 people have...

Suicidal Thoughts Increase For Prescription Drug Abusers

According to a new study, those who use prescription opiate drugs, other than as directed by a physician, are more likely to have thoughts about suicide than those who use them as prescribed or not at all. Recently, a National Institute on Drug Abuse sponsored study (3/4), reported that people...

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