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Treatment Methods

Harbor Village's Treatment Methods for Addiction 

Harbor Village is a full scale addiction treatment center specializing in all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. By the time you complete our full spectrum drug and alcohol addiction treatment you will have learned how to effectively manage your emotions contributing to addiction; and remedy the underlying causes of addiction. Unlike other addiction treatment centers, Harbor Village makes a full frontal assault on addiction, to address the major and minor contributing factors of the disease. We work tirelessly with you to eradicate addiction to drugs and alcohol from the moment you step into our treatment center. Harbor Village provides the following means of in-depth, comprehensive treatment to whisk you away from a life of addiction, and prepare you for a life full of wonderment and sobriety!

Traditional Medicine 

Harbor Village's classically trained addiction professionals specialize in helping you overcome addiction with medically assisted drug treatment that's safe and life changing. With medically assisted drug treatment patients are able to overcome their cravings for addictive substances and are safeguarded from the excruciating symptoms of withdrawal. Traditional medicine is one of the most effective and relied upon source for treating addiction professionally, but is augmented by the following comprehensive treatment programs.

Holistic Healing 

  Holistic healing is designed to help clients relinquish their psychological dependence to addictive substances and search inside themselves for the inner strength to overcome addiction. Our addiction counselors help guide clients in their healing, and offer extensive meditation and yoga sessions. Many clients find strength in holistic healing, as it helps them feel connected with the environment of healing around them and reestablish their mental fortitude.

Group Therapy 

Group therapy teaches recovering clients how to acclimate into social settings and scenarios. Learning to become an effective communicator is one of the most important aspects of successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Communicating with your loved ones and addiction counselors is one of the only ways to cement addiction treatment. Admitting when feelings of resentment, depression, anger, or anxiety become too much to handle is one of the best ways to prevent relapse. Becoming vocal about the underlying feelings which may be adding to your stress and thereby precipitating addiction is essential to your successful recovery.

Family Therapy 

Harbor Village employs family therapy because it works, and it helps clients overcome past traumas. Family therapy acts as a bridge to link clients with their family and loved ones, with the guidance from our classically trained addiction professionals.

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Intensive Therapy 

During cognitive behavioral therapy, clients work one on one with addiction counselors to eliminate behaviors which allow addiction to continue. During treatment our clients are empowered with the tools they need to establish healthy life management skills. Clients will also learn how to sever their psychological dependence to addiction forever.

Life Coaching 

  In addiction to therapy, life coaching is important to successful recovery because it ensures clients have a clear plan of action after recovery. Harbor Village's life coaches will help you make the best decisions to set you up for success after recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  


At Harbor Village we believe drug and alcohol addiction treatment should be fun and exciting! We plan weekly facility events which include exhilarating trips to museums, zoos, and other points of local interest to engage clients in the things they love.


Art Therapy 

Learning to express yourself is essential to effective therapy. We help clients unleash their creative potential in art therapies and explore different mediums of expression to help combat the underlying problems precipitating addiction.      

Get Help Today with Harbor Village 

  Harbor Village is only a phone call away. Call today to get help and participate in our diversified treatment methods. We'll help you craft your own addiction treatment regimen to satisfy your individual needs!  

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