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Couples Rehab in Florida

Harbor Village encourages couples to seek addiction treatment for a sober, happy future — drug and alcohol free.

Here at Harbor Village we understand addiction is a multi-faceted disease. Getting sober is difficult for everyone, let alone couples. Partners face unique challenges when trying to overcome addiction. The cycle of abuse encourages enabling behavior and may delay treatment for both parties. Drug and alcohol abuse quickly spirals into full-blown substance use disorders. Without treatment couples often fall deeper into their addictions, with little hope of breaking free.

Getting help for addiction together offers additional support and motivation for staying the course of sobriety. However, in order for couples rehab to be effective, both parties must be ready to face their inner demons and begin resolving the underlying causes of addiction.

Couples starting their recovery journey with Harbor Village can expect to receive support and guidance for each person as an individual, as well as couples support resources. Contact us at 844-391-3054 to start working toward a better future together!

Overcome drug and alcohol addiction together in couples rehab

Harbor Village is in-network with Florida Blue, New Directions, Humana, Magellan and many more insurance providers, which makes treatment more affordable. Not sure about your coverage? We can help you quickly and confidentially verify your benefits.

Why Choose Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse?

Couples who suffer from addiction may become co-dependent and exacerbate substance abuse disorders. Being romantically entwined with someone who is also struggling with addiction can stagnate your recovery — as well as impede your partner’s. The longer substance use disorders go untreated, the more physical and psychological damage each party sustains.

Additional stress from addiction may add to financial concerns, potential homelessness, and neglected responsibilities. Additionally, the presence of undiagnosed mental health disorders may put a strain on both individuals and your relationship as a whole.

Two people suffering from addiction are at a greater disadvantage of perpetuating toxic relationship cycles without realizing it. We encourage couples to seek addiction treatment as soon as possible to learn how to change addictive patterns, recognize enabling behaviors, and practice open communication.

Harbor Village Teaches Clients:

Our Florida rehab for couples can help you build a healthier relationship together

During treatment clients are encouraged to participate in couples counseling. Throughout treatment partners learn to become sensitive to each other’s needs. Additionally, if you are in a relationship where only one party is suffering from addiction, couples counseling is supremely beneficial in teaching both parties how to navigate recovery to long-term sobriety.

During therapy couples learn their individual triggers and work together to understand difficult behavior and how to overcome it. No one recovers at the same rate, or in the same way. During treatment couples receive individualized treatment, and then come together to nurture, heal, and flourish.

Individual treatment comes first, even for couples

When you attend couples rehabilitation with your partner, you are on a personal journey to fulfillment and sobriety first. Although your loved one may join you on your recovery journey, only you can make the changes necessary to achieve sobriety. Allowing your recovery to become enmeshed in your partner’s foments the possibility of relapse in the face of relationship strife or breaking up.

Couples looking for addiction treatment together are encouraged to support their loved one, but must remain focused on personal recovery. Our treatment center offers personalized treatment plans for each client, despite admission as a couple. Couples can expect to undergo both evidence-based psychotherapies and supplemental couples therapy.

Is Relationship Counseling Necessary During Treatment?

Couples therapy carries a negative “vibe.” Many are adverse to considering counseling. Unfortunately the stigma surrounding couples counseling prevents many from identifying troubling patterns, abuse, and underlying mental health conditions. However, couples counseling often improves the lives of participants — especially those in need of help for addiction.

During treatment clients share their struggles in a safe space. Our counselors are kind, compassionate, and open-minded. The goal of therapy is to encourage mutual respect and communication, honesty, and the dedication to work through the natural ups and downs of a relationship.

Couples Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Some things that might be discussed in relationship counseling in terms of addiction and recovery include:

Behavioral Couples Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Digging to the root of addiction is the heart of therapy. Behavioral therapy for couples focuses on addressing harmful behaviors perpetuating substance abuse. Our therapists help clients create a “recovery contract.” This agreement outlines how to avoid triggers, enabling behavior, and dismissal of sobriety teachings.

During couples therapy, clients work together with clinicians to create tangible goals to work towards during and after recovery. Both parties will participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, which will help clients learn the catalysts of their behavior, and how to change their thinking to promote healthy responses and actions. Together, a couple is able to help each other remain accountable by spotting early signs of relapse. 

Harbor Village provides an integrated approach to therapy. No two couples are exactly alike and require different treatment programs. Therapy primarily focuses on managing addictive behaviors, preventing relapse, emotional regulation, becoming accountable for one’s actions, and practicing daily mindfulness.

Should we go to couples therapy?

If you and your loved one are in need of rehabilitation, couples therapy is proven to help both parties prevent relapse and recover from addiction. Although you may embark on addiction recovery as a couple, your personal journeys to sobriety will be different.

Committing yourselves to couples rehab opens the path to new horizons for health and happiness. Harbor Village offers the full continuum of care including medical detox, residential rehabilitation, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive and outpatient programs.

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