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Anonymous Treatment of Drug Addiction

Recover in Security and Anonymity with Harbor Village 

At Harbor Village we understand overcoming addiction and enrolling in recovery treatment is crucial. However, we also understand that treatment can tax your professional, family, and personal relationships. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center provides heightened security and anonymity to help you feel safe, and to safe guard your privacy. We pledge to never release any information about your treatment program without your express written consent. We will never release your information to your professional networks or immediate family, without prior approval. Our classically trained medical personnel adhere to HIPPA's regulations regarding your treatment. Harbor Village offers the full spectrum of addiction treatment including intensive residential drug rehabilitation and outpatient rehab programs. Many recovering clients opt for outpatient rehabilitation to maintain an appearance of normalcy while undergoing extensive outpatient treatment. For those clients who are better suited for intensive inpatient rehabilitation, you will always remain within our enclosed facility, without the threat of unauthorized personnel entering the facility without express authorization from Harbor Village. Your security is important to us, which is why our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is monitored 24 hours seven days a week, and is fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies. Our addiction treatment center provides clients with 24 hour surveillance and exclusive key-card access for bolstered security.  

How It Works

Once you enroll into one of our drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs you will remain under the protection of Harbor Village's strict security polices and protocols, all designed to keep you safe during your recovery. From your initial contact with any Harbor Village representative, your identity is safe with us. We will never release your information to any third party treatment centers or other providers without your express written consent. Applying for our free assessment is 100% confidential.

What You Can Do Right Now to Get Anonymous Treatment for Drug Addiction

To get started with your extensive recovery, take advantage of our free assessment and outreach hotline to speak directly with an addiction counselor who will help you create individualized programs. Harbor Village specializes in all drug and alcohol use addiction disorders, and provides continual support and personalized treatment plans for dual diagnosis patients. Harbor Village assures you will always recover in confidence. To get immediate, 100% confidential help, call Harbor Village today for immediate admittance tomorrow! [content id="8883"]

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