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Testimonials & Patient Stories

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Our recovered detoxification patients want to encourage you to begin the journey to recovery today. Don’t wait until addiction spirals you out of control, take the reins of your life back, and join the hundreds of successfully detoxified substance and alcohol abusers today. You can learn more about us on our Frequently Asked Questions page and take a virtual tour of our facility!

Josh R

Harbor Village made me feel very comfortable… the staff, they’ve been in my shoes and seeing them in recovery just makes me feel that it’s that much more possible.” -Josh R.

“When I walked in these doors I couldn’t believe the things they had to offer.”


“Groups are very interesting. It’s nice hearing stories and knowing that people can overcome different issues.”


“I was recommended by a strong member in the AA community in Delray. I was excited about the professionalism that they extended on their website as far as being comfortable and the courtesy that they extended me.” -Britney

“[Harbor Village is] very considerate of my dietary restrictions. I have celiac disease… the staff went out of their way, went to Whole Foods and bought me special food because I was very hungry.” -Britney

“The health care professionals [are] well-trained and well-versed in their craft. I was very comfortable in their care.” -Britney

“They were very considerate and thoughtful. As a professional they allowed me to do some work because they understood that that was part of my recovery.” -Britney

“I would recommend Harbor Village to anyone who has a similar circumstance. I was drinking everyday, in danger of losing my job. So thank you very much to the staff of Harbor Village.”

Francesca L

“There’s lots of things you can take advantage of. You can do yoga, go to meetings, groups, they medically detox you in a comfortable way.”-Francesca L.

“It’s just a really nice place and the staff is really great and they care about you, so I highly recommend it.”


“To put it shortly: Harbor Village basically saved my life. I was left alone somewhere in Miami with a dead phone completely drunk and they came and picked me up and brought me to a safe place. I’ve very thankful to them for that.”

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