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Harbor Village is eager to provide the the entire nation with the apex of Inpatient Medical Detoxification treatment. Promoting lifetimes of sober longevity, Harbor Village provides a lush spa-like experience for patients, enabling clients to undergo the process of withdrawal comfortably. Changing your environment is the first step in recovering from deep-seated addiction. Our facility and treatment programs are designed to safely lead you back to your life after addiction, and keep you on the steady path towards sobriety. Read our FAQs and our testimonial and patients’ stories page for a better understanding of our treatment center.

  • 24/7 medical & psychiatric care from professional and caring doctors and technicians
  • Medically Assisted Drug Treatment
  • Alcohol Anonymous (AA) & Narcotic Anonymous (NA) meetings
  • Semi-private rooms with Xbox and Netflix access. Fully private rooms are available at additional cost.
  • Wholesome gourmet meals
  • Group dynamic therapy
  • Relaxation sessions including meditation and yoga
  • Elegant full spa & salon access
  • Lush outdoor amenities, movies under the stars, barbecues
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Chauffeured pick up and drop off


Medical Detoxification

The grueling process of withdrawal is an excruciating ordeal to overcome alone. Harbor Village Detox’s award winning medical staff has successfully purged thousands from harmful illicit substances and alcohol. Inpatient medical detoxification is the physical process of ridding your biological system of addictive substances, but it is also a time of reflection and transformation. Harbor Village Detox ensures patients receive the precise medications to relieve symptoms of withdrawal.

Holistic Healing

Harbor Village takes an expansive approach to treating the disease of addiction by coupling modern medicine with eastern, holistic philosophies of regeneration. Medical treatment is supplemented with pursuits of the mind, and meditation sessions allows you to unearth the essence of your addiction uninhibited. The center embraces the ancient art of yoga to relieve stress and focus the mind.

Extensive Therapy

We believe in the continual journey of truth and self discovery. To uncover the essence of addiction, patients participate in group therapy, giving them the opportunity to touch the lives around them and become instrumental in the recovery of others. This environment facilitates unsurpassed peer support, and bridges intimate connections between patients who are struggling with the aftermath of abuse.

Prevention Education

Establishing a firm understanding of the effects of addictive substances and their adverse effects on the body is a frontier Harbor Village Detox champions. Substance and alcohol prevention seeks to educate rehabilitation patients to stave off future abuse by understanding the nature of addiction, and the dangers of diminishing tolerance and relapse.

Spa & Salon Experience

Because you deserve the best of both worlds, Harbor Village Detox center provides its residents with full spa and salon access to ease the burden of addiction into pleasant normalcy. We invite you to relax as you transform your addictive behaviors into fonts of potential and future accomplishments.


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