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The Effects of Ketamine

The Effects of Ketamine

Ketamine is a veterinary sedative medication used in surgery for cats and dogs. The drug is not intended for human consumption, and causes many who abuse the substance legal trouble, permanent physical damage, and psychological unrest. Those who begin experimenting with ketamine will eventually have to go to a professional rehabilitation center to get help for their addictions. Those who do not are at risk for suffering an overdose which may be fatal. Understanding the dangers and the effects of ketamine are essential in keeping yourself, friends, and loved ones safe from abusing the potentially fatal substance.  

Unexpected Effects of Ketamine

Many are surprised you can in fact overdose from ketamine. Just like any opiate substance, ketamine overdoses render the respiratory system useless and restrict one’s ability to breathe severely or entirely. Overdose from ketamine is common among those who abuse both ketamine and other addictive substances.   Many who take ketamine do so because of its ability to induce a state of euphoric calmness, but prolonged use of the drug actually induces a medley of psychological conditions, including chronic mood disorders, depression, and continual instances of flashbacks, which appear without warning, and may occur during the operation of machinery.   [get-help]  

The Dangers of Ketamine Addiction

  Akin to dangerous addictive substances, ketamine addiction poses serious health threats. Continued abuse of the substance may cause permanent brain damage to both the serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. Strain or irrevocable damage to those centers will negatively impact one’s ability to feel “normal,” rewarded, and emotionally balanced. Therefore, untreated ketamine addiction will lead to a slew of other behavioral disorders which will need a lifetime of management.  

Effects of Ketamine on the Brain

  Studies prove use ketamine impairs one’s cognitive ability to reason and learn. A symptom of ketamine addiction is brain atrophy, wherein regions of the brain are so blighted by the drug that they shrink, and permanently lose their previous functionality potential. Out of 21 ketamine addicts who participated in a study, all showed harmful lesions in the brain, which appeared even after stopping use. The lesions formed two to four years after abusing ketamine. The damage was mostly located in the frontal parietal or occipital cortices.  

Ketamine and YOU

  But what can ketamine abuse do to you that will fundamentally change you from being, well, you? A lot actually. Once ketamine abuse and addiction is solidified, you will become completely dependent on the substance and chase it incessantly, despite the physical, mental, and emotional harm it may be doing to yourself and your loved ones. Pets are often abandoned, neglected, and left to fend on their own- as are family members, and even children who are the victims of having a parent who is suffering from untreated addiction.   The way you manage your life will entirely change, and revolve around getting high, to stay in a state of suspended reality. Although these symptoms of ketamine addiction are the marked signs of chronic disorder, every addict started out abusing ketamine, just like you. Getting ketamine addiction treatment for abuse sooner rather than later equips you to strike down addiction before it imposes itself on your life and the lives of your loved ones.   [get-help]

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