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Heroin Rehab Will Save Your Life

Addiction affects everyone differently, but there are recurring elements of addiction affecting every person suffering from a substance abuse disorder: addictive behaviors, withdrawal, and the danger of relapse. Many substance abusers and drug addicts are made to feel belittled by their addictions. Harmful societal misconceptions influence us to feel this way. Until recently we believed addiction only stemmed from alcohol and substance abuse, but now we know addiction can emerge itself in any activity stimulating our levels of serotonin and dopamine. Heroin addicts often start out abusing prescription narcotic analgesics (painkillers) but because of the cost of illicit painkillers on the black market, patients who have been subjected to opiate based medicines opt to buy heroin, which is less expensive. Heroin is an opiate based substance derived from the poppy plant, and processes as morphine once it enters your body. Heroin addicts express feeling euphoria when they abuse heroin; shortly after consumption, heroin users will begin to slip in and out of consciousness as the substance takes effect in the body (called nodding out). Heroin stimulates the opiate receptors associated with our reward centers, which makes the drug particularly addictive. The relapse rate for heroin addicts is one of the highest among addictive substances. Fatal overdoses are also common among heroin addicts. It only takes one time to fatally overdose. Identifying and redressing the precipitating factors of abuse, or the reason why people with substance use disorders abuse drugs, is the ultimate objective of heroin rehab. 26 percent of people who try heroin once become addicted. Are you one of those people?

Identifying Heroin Abuse and Getting Help in Heroin Rehab

When considering inpatient medical detox it is helpful to identify the types of substances you or your loved one are using to give addiction counselors the information they need to administer the best heroin drug rehab. The following symptoms are typically exhibited by heroin addicts, and may be useful in determining if someone you know should go to heroin rehab:
  • Excessive scratching in the absence of an obvious affliction
  • Slipping in and out of consciousness, typically referred to as “nodding out”
  • Complaints of dry mouth
  • Development of personality disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Lowered immunity, frequent sickness or infection
  • Track marks on the arms, legs, or hidden in between toes
  • Remnants of syringes, powdered substances, dirtied spoons
  • Exhibiting blatant disregard for old hobbies, people, and family
  • Dilated pupils
  • Unusual lack of hygiene
  • Unexplained convulsions, or tremors
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Getting Help from Heroin Rehab with Harbor Village Detox

Harbor Village Detox is committed to continuing medical excellence and delivers its patients from the throes of addiction. As a facility accredited by The Joint Commision, Harbor Village Detox is rescuing drug addicts from around the nation. We're determined to help you find the cause of abuse and redress addictive behaviors, so you can live life free from the fetters of addiction. The professional and caring staff of Harbor Village monitors patients every step of the way, through the induction of inpatient medical detox and admittance into an inpatient rehabilitation program. The heroin rehab process is impossible to weather alone, but Harbor Village Detox makes it easy in its comfortable family-oriented environment. Residents of heroin rehab often make lasting connections with recovering addicts, and form a close knit circle with recuperating patients struggling with addiction. Heroin rehab at Harbor Village Detox helps patients find the underlying reasons perpetuating abuse. Our compassionate therapists give patients the tools they need to utilize alternative venues to deal with the intense emotions causing drug abuse. Upon graduation from inpatient rehabilitation, recovering patients continue their heroin rehab in outpatient rehabilitation to put their newly developed skills to the test. Don't wait to get the help you need. Call us today at (855)767-8285.

Avoiding Relapse with Harbor Village Detox

Harbor Village Detox pledges to provide you with the tools to promote lasting longevity and wellness in your journey to sobriety. Research shows patients who undergo rehabilitation with medically assisted treatment exponentially reduce their chances of relapse, as opposed to patients who are bullied into abstinence based treatment plans. Patients recovering in specialized treatment programs like heroin and alcohol rehabilitation are encouraged to continue their treatment in our sober living community; there patients have the opportunity to get their feet wet, implementing the coping and life management techniques they've learned during heroin drug rehab. Addiction specialists are close at hand to monitor clients and wean them gradually through medically assisted drug treatment.  

Is Medically Assisted Drug Treatment Right for Me?

Only you can decide which treatment options suit your individual needs. The following is a brief list of questions which can help you decide if medically assisted drug treatment is right for you:
  • What is your level of addiction? Those suffering in the innermost throes of addiction are more likely to relapse than their counterparts.
  • How many times have you relapsed? Each time heroin rehab patients relapse their chance of fatal overdose increases drastically.
  • Is withdrawal one of the main reasons you are avoiding heroin rehab? If so, medically assisted treatment will neutralize the effects of withdrawal.
  • Are you looking for clinically proven methods to ensure effective drug rehabilitation for a lifetime? Medically assisted drug treatment has been proven to be more effective than abstinence based models of heroin rehab, and allows recovering patients to resume their lives of normalcy without the adverse effects of illicit opiates.
  • Are you worried about trading one addiction for another? Medically assisted drug treatment gets a lot of flack because some medicines that treat opiate addiction are synthetic opiates. Opiate addictions force unnatural biological dependencies on your body, straining its ability to function normally without opiates. Synthetic drugs satisfy this biological addiction, but do not cause intoxication, and allow recovering addicts to get their lives back on track.Recovering patients are able to go to work, continue school, and function normally. Medically assisted drug treatment is not intended to be a permanent solution. Your addiction counselor and medical doctor will wean you off of synthetic opiates as you progress on the road to recovery. In recent times, a non-opiate based medicine has gained recognition as an effective treatment option for heroin rehab and other opiate substances: Naltrexone has zero chance of causing addiction, is not opiate based, and does not cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it.
  • Does your family have a history of substance abuse? Those with a genetic predisposition are more likely to struggle with recovery than their counterparts. Medically assisted therapy can been an essential cornerstone of treatment defining success or failure.
If you've answered "Yes" to any of the questions above you need to call us today! We'll help you get your life in order. Don't wait for your addiction to progress any further, call today (855)767-8285.

Commonly Used Medicines for Heroin Rehab

Naltrexone: Non opiate based medication inhibiting the effects of opiate stimulants; negates the adverse effects of heroin, and rejects the euphoria associated with addiction. If relapse occurs while using naltrexone, substance abusers will not feel the initial “rewards” of use. Methadone: A synthetic based opiate, used to help recovering addicts wean off of opiate substances. Methadone helps to repress the urges to use heroin, and inhibits opiate receptors. Allowing patients to live a normal life, free from the adverse effects of heroin, methadone allows patients to slowly acclimate to life without heroin. Suboxone: An opiate based opiate partial antagonist, also known as buprenorphine, prevents the body from feeling the euphoric effects opiate based substances. Suboxone prevents heroin withdrawal and allows patients to function normally.

To learn more about drug treatment at Harbor Village  visit our FAQ or contact Harbor Village Detox directly at (855)767-8285. 

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