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Treatment for Heroin Addiction

What You Need to Know About Heroin Treatment

Many afflicted by heroin use disorders are slow to enroll in heroin addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs because the withdrawal process is often arduous and painful. Many who are long term heroin abusers are convinced treatment is either ineffective or a waste of time and resources, but this could not be further from the truth. The treatment of heroin dependence and addiction is critical to reclaim your life and get back on track to doing the things you love. Many who get help are inspired to become addiction counselors after they have successfully recovered from their heroin use disorders. There are many treatment methods available for heroin addiction treatment, and this is not so for other denominations of drug addiction treatment. Opiates, and heroin in particular, have many pharmaceutical solutions to help patients overcome addiction while resuming a normal work schedule and healthy lifestyle. First and foremost, heroin addiction treatment revolves around the unearthing of the hidden traumas predisposing addicts of abuse and addiction. Although there are often genetic links to addiction in many cases, resolving the quenchable issues contributing to addiction is absolutely necessary to ensure a full recovery. [get-help]

Medically Assisted Drug Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Medically assisted drug treatment is often employed for heroin use disorders, as this type of maintenance therapy allows recovering patients to continue living out their lives normally, without being confined in a 24 hour treatment center, while also preventing relapse. Abstinence based models of heroin dependence treatment typically result in relapse, and many cases are fatal. Although there is a general stigma surrounding heroin and medically assisted drug treatment, this method of recovery has proven to be the most effective. When administered by a licensed addiction treatment specialist, medically assisted drug treatment does not pose a threat to recovery, and is gradually weaned away as patients progress in addiction treatment. Commonly used medications for heroin dependence treatment include:
  • Naltrexone
  • Methadone
  • Suboxone
Essentially, these medications satisfy the body’s physical addiction for opiates without causing intoxication. What does that mean exactly? Medically assisted drug treatment allows recovering addicts to carry out everyday routines while abstaining from heroin, and not being vaulted into withdrawal. (Withdrawal is a response to an absence of unnatural opiates in the body.)  

Why is Heroin Addiction Treatment Important?

The core of heroin rehabilitation is to help recovering heroin addicts discover different ways to express themselves, and find alternative means in which to cope with feelings like anxiety, depression, rage, and self loathing. Once the underlying crux of addiction has been addressed in heroin rehabilitation treatment and subsequent therapy, users get their feet wet living on their own, outside of the traditional inpatient rehabilitation treatment center. After extensive therapy, recovering patients are only required to return to treatment several days a week for check ups, continuing therapy, and maintenance management. Treating heroin addiction from the beginning is critical, as intervening before chronic addiction is established both physically and mentally is imperative to not only eliminate emotional heartache, but also to cut treatment costs in the long run. Knowing which treatment program to enroll in is half the battle. Consulting a Harbor Village detox representative is ideal when considering heroin or opiate addiction treatment. As choosing a lesser form of therapy may result in relapse quickly. Residential drug treatment is recommended for many who have suffered with addiction for an extended period of time; but beyond this, an individual’s specific level of physical and emotional dependence (despite how long their addiction has persisted) should ultimately determine the type of treatment received. With treatment from an accredited facility the process of withdrawal is safe and pain free because of the progression of medically assisted drug treatment. Patients are able to focus on getting ahead in their recovery by participating in intensive one-on-one treatment and group therapy.  

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