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The Effects of Hashish

What Are the Effects of Hashish?

Because hashish is more potent than marijuana the effects of the substances are felt harder in comparison to those who abuse marijuana. Hashish is not physically addictive but can, and does, ensnare long time users into psychological addiction. Those who develop psychological dependences to hashish experience bouts of insatiable apathy, de-motivation, and depression. Although many smoke or otherwise inject the substance to feel calm, at peace, and euphoric, many are overwhelmed by the long term effects of hashish, because of its ability to rob users of their mental and emotional equilibrium. Ignoring the symptoms of hashish addiction often leads to the development of paranoia and anxiety disorders. Knowing when to get treatment for the condition is essential to avoid permanent conditions and disorders to remain and disturb personal relationships, work and school performance, and financial stability. Untreated hashish disorders have measurable effects on one’s memory and learning ability. Hashish and cannabis derived substances are notorious for impairing one’s short term memory and ability to learn well, or as aptly as peers who do not frequent hashish use. Studies among younger hashish users report acceptance of deviant behavior, increased frequency of aggression, lower ambitions and achievement, social problems with friends and family.  

Short Term Effects of Hashish

The warning signs of hashish use, or the immediate short term effects can help one identify the potential for hashish abuse and take arms against the precipitation of the long term effects of hashish. Zeroing in on the short term effects of Hashish use can help prevent addiction altogether with ample treatment. The following are the most common short term effects of hashish:
  • Increased Appetite
  • Impaired Coordination
  • Lessened Inhibitions
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Long Term Effects of Hashish

  • Delirium
  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Infections of the Lungs
  • Inability to Focus
  • Increased Appetite

Hashish’s Effects on Personal Relationships

Frequent use of hashish is responsible for causing rifts within personal relationships. As the substance is responsible for increased apathy, emotional distance is common among users and espoused with paranoia and anxiety. Typically cannabis users do not ascribe their addictions as serious health conditions, despite the reality that they are. Mood swings and insatiable depression is a marked sign of interference within personal relationships as a result of hashish use- as without the presence of the substance, such mood swings and emotional disorders would not otherwise interfere (barring undiagnosed conditions).  

Hashish in the Professional Environment

  Akin to effecting one’s professional environment, hashish has similar detriments in the professional spectrum. Aside from strained work relations and productivity deficits, the quality of one’s work is frequently impeded by cannabis or hashish use, as one’s short term memory is adversely affected, as is one’s ability to learn and retain information. These effects can be permanent, but may be redressed with help and hashish detox treatment.  

How to Fight the Effects of Hashish

Getting hashish addiction treatment is essential to stave off permanent psychological damage inflicted from hashish use disorders. Although many do not believe treatment is necessary for hashish, learning how to stave off use and combat the underlying causes of addiction is the cornerstone of effective treatment, and will eliminate future hashish use and abuse.  

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