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Detox and Withdrawal of GHB

Should I Quit GHB ‘Cold Turkey?’

Though some advocates for sobriety encourage the abstinent or ‘cold turkey’ method of detoxification, it is incredibly dangerous, especially when drugs that directly influence the central nervous system are involved. Because GHB is a naturally occurring component in the body cells prolonged use of synthesized GHB causes the body to adjust to higher levels. To suddenly stop supply these higher levels would send the central nervous system into a panicked state and may cause it to crash. This can cause serious health problems up to and including death.   [get-help]

Why is GHB Withdrawal Bad?

When the body experiences detox and withdrawal of GHB it is different than withdrawal of other drugs in a few ways. Since GHB is a natural substance in the human body it adjust quickly to increased levels present in the body. This causes an increased tolerance- your body now requires larger doses to get the same desired effect as before. A sudden decrease of these levels caused by detoxification and withdrawal of GHB can cause the body to go into a type of shock, causing a myriad of health problems and possibly death. Though one may assume GHB levels would simply return to normal following a detoxification period, if the body has begun producing less GHB to compensate for the presence of synthetic GHB, levels may plummet below normal levels. GHB is responsible for slowing down brain activity in preparation for sleep. Low GHB production may result in sleep problems such as insomnia and restlessness. Trouble sleeping may seem like a relatively minor concern, but the brain relies on sleep as a chance to recover. Lack of sleep disrupts other brain functions causing mood swings, depression and anxiety. As the brain becomes more distressed hallucinations and delusions can manifest. Eventually the person in recovery may succumb to delirium. GHB imbalances can also be the catalyst for other severe issues in the brain such as epileptic activity resulting in a seizure disorder. Aside from being horrifying to witness and physically trying, seizures can also be life-threatening. A seizure lasting more than four minutes or a sequence of seizures during which the victim does not regain consciousness require immediate medical attention. Though medication exists for treating epilepsy and epileptic disorders there is no cure.

Rehabilitation for GHB Addiction

The safest means of detoxification of GHB or any illicit substance is through a certified rehabilitation center. Symptoms of detoxification and withdrawal can be managed with medication while under 24-hour monitoring and support of a trained and knowledgeable staff. Rehabilitation centers such as Harbor Village can begin to repair the damage caused by addiction through intensive, group, or family therapy sessions. Facilities may also offer outreach programs to aid recovering addicts in remaining sober and relapse therapy help those trying to get back on track. Sober living communities outside of rehab programs are designed to keep people in recovery from returning to toxic environments after completion of a rehabilitation program. With supportive counselors and staff, enrolling in a center rehabilitation for GHB addiction can save your life.

If you need help recovering from GHB or any other addiction, contact Harbor Village today and let us help you on the road to a better, sober life.


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