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Top Ten Signs You Have A Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

It can start with one pill and lead to a lifetime of trouble. If you are experiencing any of the issues outlined below, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

Drug abuse can strike anyone at any time with severe health consequences. In addition, you can lose everything including your job, home, family, friends and your feeling of self worth.

Below are the top ten signs that you may have a drug or alcohol issue. Many drug or alcohol abusers will experience some or even all of these signs.

• Many times you feel you are different from everyone else, but then you take drugs and/or alcohol and  feel a little bit closer to normal.

• You have to lie to everyone, especially those close to you, to hide your drug/alcohol use.

• Your behavior has changed and you’re now acting differently to the same people.

• The circle of friends you have is now narrower in scope. It’s mostly other drug/alcohol abusers you choose to be around.

• Your physical appearance has worsened to where you really don’t care how you look.

• Each day, the main thought on your mind is when will you get your next high. • You notice that it takes a higher dose of drugs or alcohol to get that same high feeling.

• You become more distant from your family and friends so you can satisfy your “cravings” in private.

• Life for you has deteriorated due to a job loss, bad school grades, failed relationships, problems with the law, etc.

• You have tried to quit but always fail.

To overcome a dependency that can cost you everything, seek professional assistance by contacting a detox facility. Located in sunny South Florida, Harbor Village enables each client to experience 24/7 detoxification in a luxury, state-of-the art environment. Clients enjoy upscale accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite complete with satellite television, an acre of outdoor lounge area, salon, spa and massage services, acupuncture treatment, healthy, gourmet dining and a results proven individualized plan for recovery. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.

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