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Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Time Injecting Heroin

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Life as a heroin addict presents challenges daily. Whether you are living with a substance abuse issue or in recovery, you can probably remember your first time using. It was the beginning of the end for some. For the lucky ones, this moment is a precautionary tale. Using heroine changes the lives of not only yourself, but those around you who care for you. These are the things people wished they had known the first time they had injected heroin.

“I wish I knew my family would stop trusting me. They were all I had.”


“I wish I knew I would lose my job. I have done a lot of things I’m ashamed of to pay for my addiction.”


“I wish I knew I would start stealing to buy more heroin.”


“I wish I knew I would kill my girlfriend. I thought introducing her to heroin would be no big deal. I had done it so long, I didn’t think she would go so fast. Now I have no one.”


“I wish I knew I would become homeless. When I started, I was using my rent money to buy heroin since I lost my job. Then I lost my home and it’s hard to get housing.”


“I wish I knew I would lose my kids. They are in foster care right now and I don’t know if I will ever get them back.”


“I wish I knew I would get more violent. I have been to jail twice for hitting my girlfriend when I was high.”


“I wish I had gotten help sooner. I was afraid to get help because I didn’t know if I wanted to stop or if I would relapse. I could have spent so much more time being happy.”

While everyone ‘s situation is vastly different, one thing they all agreed on was that they had wished they’d known what becoming an addict would do to their lives.

What do you wish you had known before you started using? Tell us below!

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