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Don’t let fear of detox keep you from your living a healthier, happier, sober life! Anxiety about having to suffer through the process or depending on medication for the rest of your life is unwarranted- medical assistance and guidance from professionals is available to protect you and ensure your long-term success in sobriety.

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Recovery begins with purging the system of toxins we introduce into our bodies while active in our addiction. Through detox we break the physical ties to addiction so that in rehab and counseling we can address the underlying causes of substance abuse. Start that journey off right- rock detox with these 3 easy steps!

Rock Detox! Do Your Research Beforehand

Do Research Beforehand

Going into detox blindly is like walking into a dark room full of landmines; you may get through it unscathed, but why take that gamble? Do your research so you know exactly what to expect when going into detox treatment. Know your options regarding the medicinal aids and treatment options available to you, as well as their risks. Debunk the myths about having to trade one drug for another in detox- you don’t have to be physically dependent on medication to stay sober. You don’t have to suffer through withdrawal symptoms.

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Doing your research before entering detox also gives you the time to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Now that doesn’t mean continuously putting off treatment- once you’ve found something that works for you, don’t hesitate! Don’t lose your momentum. Choose a facility you trust, that works for you and takes your personal needs into consideration, and start your journey today!

Rock Detox! Take Care of Your Body

Take Care of Your Body

Detox can take a toll on your body if not handled correctly. It’s important to take care of your body throughout the process and beyond- this is a matter of total health, not just getting sober. Healthy eating and physical activity helps your repair itself and become stronger, reversing some of the damage of substance abuse. Plus you’ll see a natural boost in your energy and mood because of the natural elevation of endorphins and dopamine produced by taking care of your body.

Just like sobriety, healthy living is a lifestyle- you have to make the best decisions for you and your body on the long run. Make it fun- being active reduces boredom and anxiety, helping to stave off cravings and urges. It’s also an excellent way to cope with those feelings when they crop up: go for a jog, do some jumping jacks, or take a swim. Your body will thank you for it.

Rock Detox! Open Up to Therapy

Open Up to Therapy

Overcoming a substance abuse disorder is more than detox; thinking that detox alone is enough to achieve long-term sobriety is a common pitfall many people fall into. Remember that substance abuse is a symptom of deeper rooted problems that must be addressed moving forward. Stubbornly refusing to seek counseling of any type will only continue a cycle of relapse and detoxing, which heightens your risk of overdose and damages.

Research counseling and therapy options just as you did with detox. There’s more than just AA/NA or traditional group counseling out there for you: explore therapy through art, animals, music, etc. Delve into the holistic side of counseling through meditation, reiki, yoga, or spiritualism.

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