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Genetics May Determine Your Risk Of Alcohol Abuse

Genetics including age and tolerance are strong factors that determine if someone will become an alcoholic later in life.
“Over 50% of the likelihood that a person is going to end up with addiction has to do with their genetic history,” said Seppala, Chief Medical Officer at the Hazelden Foundation.

The risks increase exponentially if one or both of your parents are alcoholics. You are “at least six times more likely than the general population”, to being an alcoholic yourself, Seppala explained.

When one begins drinking alcohol may determine if he/she becomes an alcoholic. Research has shown that those who start drinking before the age of 15 are five times more likely to become addicted than those who begin drinking after they turn 21.
Tolerance of alcohol is another key risk factor because how much you enjoy that first taste of alcohol and how well your body likes it may determine your risk of alcoholism.

“It’s the people who can really tolerate the alcohol that have the genetic predisposition and end up at higher risk,” Seppala said.

If anyone is suffering from the harmful effects of an alcohol abuse issue should check into a detox center such as Harbor Village and seek the private drug rehab that will guide them on the road to recovery. Harbor Village, a 24/7 professionally supervised alcoholism treatment center, allows each client to stay and experience a luxury, state-of-the art environment. Located in South Florida, the facility welcomes clients with upscale accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite with television and headphones, 30,000 square feet of outdoor lounge area, spa, salon, massage and acupuncture services, nutritious, gourmet dining and an individualized plan that is designed for each client’s specific needs. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.

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