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Flakka, A Compilation of Madness: 9 Videos that Will Change Everything

If you’re a native to South Florida, you may have seen the devastating effects of flakka in person- or maybe you’ve just heard about the insanity drug on the news and articles online. But hearing about Alpha-PVP and seeing the effects of the substance are entirely different. If you think the media is simply aggrandizing the deadly potential of flakka, think again.

Flakka has been responsible for a sharp increase of hospitalizations, and has been found to be more addictive than cocaine. At least 100 hospital cases per month are attributed to flakka. More than 3,000 cases of flakka have been reported in 2014. Yet Broward County holds the highest numbers of flakka incidents. Because of its price tag, $3 – $5 a pop, everyone immersed on the drug scene, and those who are just beginning to explore it, are most vulnerable to becoming flakka’s next victim.

Fort Lauderdale’s flakka task force is charged with keeping the influx of the drug off of the streets- but with flakka easily synthesized at home from products obtained from China over the internet, stopping the flow of Alpha-PVP remains a challenge.

Means of drug prevention are necessary to help spread awareness about the new deadly substance. Yet it’s critical to note drug education and awareness should not be fear based, but focused on the educational aspects of the disease of addiction, and the physical and psychological implications of addictive substances.

In lieu of traditional slideshows with lists of bullet points, we’ve compiled videos of those allegedly high on flakka. You decide whether or not this substance deserves the state of alarm from the media, addiction specialists (who have noted treating flakka is proving difficult without the benefit of extensive research), and the select public who have survived the depths of madness.

  1. Mini documentary of the effects of flakka, especially in South Florida:

2) Eye-witness account of flakka use:

3) Eye-witness account of flakka use:

4) Eye-witness account of flakka use:

5) Eye-witness account of flakka use:

6) Recovered flakka user has this warning:

7) Mini video about everything you need to know about flakka:

8) Eye-witness account of flakka use:

10) Bath salts are chemically similar to flakka, and is considered to be the predecessor of flakka:

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