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11 Relapse Mistakes You’ll Never Make (Again)

Whether you’ve experienced relapse first hand, or you’ve been lucky enough to avoid the potentially fatal heartbreak, we’re here to outline 11 common mistakes that can lead to relapse! Do your best to avoid all of them!

1. Taking “Just One Hit”

Hey you! If you take “just one hit” you’ve already relapsed! Yes, it counts- don’t do that! Stop doing that, you’re a bad kitty.

2. Switching to a “Softer” Drug

Yes marijuana does count- you’re still relapsing on drugs! The question isn’t about recreational marijuana, alcoholics can’t drink recreational alcohol, and you can’t do recreational drugs. Point blank. Period. Damnit.

3. But I Love My Friends!

I love my friends too, but if they turn out to be masked murderers, I’m leaving! I still love them, but they’re bad for my state of being, and potential for life. (Because they may kill me.) Keeping toxic friends with no intention of recovery is the same thing. You can love them, but you can’t stay with them. They will help you murder your sobriety.

4. I Don’t Need to Go to Therapy Anymore

Yes you do! Continuing aftercare treatment and going to therapy- including groups- is how you keep on the track to sobriety. No one expects you to be “cured” in a few months. Sobriety is a lifelong pursuit. The overestimation of your ability to abstain from your drug of choice can kill you.

5. I’ll Just Lay Around All Day

Get off your couch, and pick up the phone, what are you waiting for? Call- just kidding. But really, get out of your house. Do something. Look for a job. Volunteer. Go to the bookstore, read things. Do anything but sit around in bored misery. The more active you are the less time you have to relapse. Really. It works.

6. I Can’t Get Attached to Anyone

While you’ll probably need plenty of time for introspection to evaluate your life, that doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit. In fact, you shouldn’t. The more active you are in your community and social circles, the better you’ll feel overall.

7. Does it Matter What I Do Now?

Yes! Fulfilling your dreams is what going to treatment is all about. When you reclaim your life from addiction it is so you can return to the life you’re supposed to have. So yes, it does matter. You must interject meaning back into your universe!

8. I’m So Mad I’m Just Going To-

Stop right there mister! You can’t do that.

But what you can do is continue working on your coping skills. It’s not enough to go through treatment to have to go back because you were unable to figure out how to cope with stress, depression, anger, anxiety, and so on. Try listening to music, go for a walk, paint, write- anything. Just get it out. Don’t take things in.

For example, when we consume things because we’re upset we tend to overeat. It’s the same with addictive substances.

9. Who Cares if My House is a Mess?

Our environments directly shape our moods and attitudes- so yes, it matters that your house is a mess. Do some spring cleaning, get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Go room by room- you don’t have to do everything in a day.

10. I Can’t Make Myself Feel Better

Of course you can! Don’t solely rely on medications to make everything “alright.” There are tools all around you with the ability to help you overcome depression, anxiety, and other difficult emotions. It just takes a bit of soul searching. I can show you how. Download my FREE eBook on Holistic Healing for Addiction for effective, natural ways to deal with stress.

11. No One Understands What I’m Going Through

You are not alone– you are so not alone. Thousands of people right here in America are in the exact same position as you are. And they understand. Don’t have any recovery buddies? Going to group sessions is a great way to meet them. There are also innumerable virtual support websites online you can become apart of too.


What are your anti-relapse busters?

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