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Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction

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Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction

One of the marked signs of an addiction to bath salts is the resulting tolerance accrual from the extended use of the synthetic drug.  Addiction to bath salts may be established early on with use, because the substance develops tolerance quickly, even after the first few times of use. One of the main contributing factors of addiction to bath salts is the substance’s ability to manipulate serotonin and dopamine levels. Both organic chemicals are essential to help one manage their moods and feel rewarded, satisfied, and happy. With continued abuse of bath salts, those essential neurotransmitters, which help us conduct our normal lives in health, deteriorate. Once neurotransmitters stop producing serotonin and dopamine altogether, the damage done can be permanent- in which case, one who has damaged their means of feeling satisfied, happy, and emotionally balanced will suffer from behavioral disorders, as a direct result of the loss of those critical chemicals. One with a serotonin deficiency will be prone to aggressiveness, apathy, and emotional dissociation, or distance. Sudden manifestation of erratic mood changes or abnormal behavior may be an indication of substance abuse, or a case of chronic addiction. To zero in on the symptoms of bath salt addiction, consider the following:

Physical Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction

  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Chest Pain
  • Feeling of Tightness in the Chest
  • Kidney Pain
  • Body Temperature Fluctuations
  • Muscle Tension
  • Nausea
  • Lack of Eating or Drinking
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased Sensitivity to Pain
  • Loss of Bowel Control
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Muscle Breakdown
  • Liver Failure

Psychological Symptoms of Bath salt Addiction

  • Agitation
  • Auditory, Visual, and Tactile Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Delusions

Deadly Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction

  • Coma
  • Suicide Attempts
  • Permanent Brain Damage

Behavioral Symptoms of Bath Salt Addiction

  • Tearing Off of Clothing
  • Unprovoked Violence
  • Ignoring Commands and Requests to Cease and Desist
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Bullets May Not Have an Effect
  • Trouble with the Law
The effects of a single dose of bath salts can last from three to four hours after use, however, the physical effects induced on the body in response to the presence of the substance in the bloodstream may persist longer. In addition to behavioral mood swings and the development of personality disorders, the symptoms of bath salt addiction include the development of insomnia, which often turns into sleep-deprivation psychosis, if left untreated.

Symptoms of Bath Salt Withdrawal

Like any other addictive substance, users who suffer from bath salt use disorders will experience withdrawal symptoms during lapses of use. In some cases of bath salt treatment and rehabilitation, users will need to be weaned off of the substance before abstaining completely to avoid potentially fatal health effects. This, among many, is one of the crucial reasons it is never safe to detox from bath salts at home. Common withdrawal symptoms from bath salts include:
  • Amnesia
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Malaise
  • Cravings for Bath Salts
  • Inability to Focus
  • Anxiety
  • Impaired Memory
  • Congestion
Getting help for bath salt addiction is critical to avoid permanent brain damage, toxicity and poisoning by heroin. Treatment for bath salt dependence is the first step on the road of recovery.

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