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What Is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine is a powerful stimulant drug, which energizes users beyond their natural capacity to remain in constant motion. Amphetamines were originally prescribed to fight obesity, depression, and nasal congestion. Now amphetamine based drugs, like adderall, is prescribed to those with attention disorders. Those with serious conditions, like narcolepsy, wherein victims of the disorder fall asleep spontaneously, are prescribed amphetamines to stay awake.

Akin to most substances which have an effect on our body’s natural neurotransmitters, dopamine in particular, amphetamines have become one of the most popularly abused drugs. Despite being prescribed for many conditions, amphetamines are one of the central focuses of substance abuse, and inflict lasting physical and psychological damage to users.

Amphetamine is officially known as methylated phenylethylamine.

Is Amphetamine Addictive?

Yes! Because amphetamine keeps the body in a continual state of wakeful attention, many begin to crave this heightened state soon after its effects have worn off. This leads to drug seeking behavior, and eventual physical and psychological addiction. The surge of dopamine released upon use of amphetamines is one of the controlling agents establishing and perpetuating addiction. Overtime, permanent damage is caused to the natural production of dopamine, and amphetamine users must continue using amphetamine based drugs to function normally.

How Is Amphetamine Taken?

Amphetamine may be abused in a number of ways and taken orally, snorted, or directly injected into the bloodstream.


Is Amphetamine Methamphetamine?

Not really. Although it’s true their names are quite similar, and both substances are potent stimulant drugs, amphetamine has proven medicinal uses when used as intended under the direction of a certified medical professional. Methamphetamine however, has no beneficial uses, and is a substance with the sole intent of recreational drug use- which is illegal.

Many confuse the substances for one another because when amphetamine is abused long time users of the prescription may exhibit signs and symptoms in line with that of methamphetamine addiction. The effects of amphetaminemay mirror methamphetamine use in some instances.

When Methamphetamine breaks down in the body it produces amphetamine- therefore those who test positive for amphetamine may be methamphetamine users. Methamphetamine is almost identical to amphetamine, but its potency is doubled.

Is Amphetamine Deadly?

When abused, yes. Amphetamine creates permanent health disorders and conditions, causes permanent brain damage, and is capable of causing an amphetamine overdose. It is imperative to use amphetamine only as prescribed, and should the symptoms of amphetamine addiction rear their heads, it is crucial immediate amphetamine addiction treatment is readily sought.

Street Names of Amphetamine

  • Amped or Ampes
  • Benz or Benzies
  • Beenie
  • Hearts
  • Cartwheels
  • Blue or Black Mollies
  • Uppers
  • Wake me Ups
  • Sparkles
  • Dexies
  • Footballs
  • Oranges
  • Eye Poppers / Openers
  • Fast Lightening
  • Road Dope
  • Truckies

Is Amphetamine Deadly?

Since amphetamine is used in some prescription medications, abuse of the substance may originate from those who already take the substance. Some seek out amphetamines specifically because of its ability to inhibit appetite and promote weight loss. Others who abuse amphetamine do so to feel energized, self confident, and more social.

If you’re at risk for amphetamine abuse call Harbor Village!


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