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Prevent Relapse in Our Sober Living Community on Florida’s Beaches

Harbor Village’s sober living community program is an essential stepping stone to living the rest of your days drug and alcohol free! Our 24 hour monitored program is designed to help you reestablish your life after residential rehabilitation. Relax on serene Florida beaches while we help you with: 

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  • Permanent job placement
  • Interview training 
  • Resources from Dress for Success Miami
  • Resume coaching
  • Life Skills

Your counselor is always within arm’s reach and will help you with any aspects of recovery and recommitting to your lucrative future of sobriety. To help you stay on track we offer drug testing, curfews, and complete daily goals you’ll construct with your counselor. 

Sober living communities are similar to halfway houses, and offer people in recovery of drug security while re-acclimating themselves to live independently. Those who complete rehabilitation thrive in lively sober residential communities, and lead enriched lives without relapse.

We’re located mere feet away from Florida’s tropical beaches! 

Sober living communities act as a training ground for independent living, promoting community wellness, and advancement in continuing addiction treatment. Ultimately you’ll learn how to survive on your own two feet, without the necessity of 24 hour treatment after your completion. 

Those who choose to live in community recovery are Sober Living Community imagebetter equipped to conquer the urges to abuse addictive substances. Recovery support communities extend therapy to ensure physical and psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol are cut away forever. Patients graduating from specialized programs, like heroin rehabilitation, are encouraged to get their feet wet in sober living communities first before living independently. 

Socializing in residential community recovery assures you are never lonely. Distancing yourself from friends you’ve known for years can be difficult, but it’s an important step to make to ensure you won’t relapse if they’re involved with substance use. Sober living communities connect people in recovery with each other, creating environments of togetherness. When you become a part of our sober living community you help give back to the people struggling around you, and they do the same for you by offering you a helping hand. 

Benefits of Sober Living Communities at Harbor Village Detox:

  • Safe environment to adjust to sober living
  • Medical staff members will treat any lingering signs of withdrawal
  • An easy stepping stone to living independently
  • Frequent assessments from medical staff and psychologists to track recovery progress
  • Secure premises where alcohol and addictive substances are banned
  • Extended addiction treatment services
  • Ideal for patients graduating outpatient rehabilitation programs
  • The benefit of a local community of recovering substance abusers offers support and encouragement
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Enjoy Your Life in Community Recovery without the Fear of Relapse

Sober Living Community imageThe residents of Harbor Village’s sober living communities are granted the gift of freedom from drugs and alcohol. Our residents live without the fear ascribed to loneliness after rehabilitation. Sober living communities prevent post-rehabilitation blues. 

Residential recovery communities provide protective environments and are governed by the ideals of sobriety, honesty, and compassion. 

Harbor Village’s sober living communities allow patients to apply their acquired knowledge learned from intensive, one-on-one rehabilitation therapy with an accredited medical and psychiatric staff members at toe. 

Sobriety is achieved in a variety of efforts inclusive of group therapy, family therapy, optional 12 step programs, and outreach programs involving wholesome community service, job training, and permanent employment. Our sober living community is designed to facilitate self discovery; where you are free to explore your passions and redefine your sense of self and belonging.

Medically, sober living communities cut off the allure of returning to compulsive negative habits by providing you with a safe environment of recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction is often the result of genetic influences, but can also manifest from environmental surroundings. At Harbor Village, we keep you safe. Our expert addiction therapists and classically trained addiction professionals are never far away, allowing you to adjust with the safety net of immediate support and treatment.

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Sober Living Community Key Features: 

  • Group Dynamic Therapy, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) & NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
  • Family Therapy
  • Job Training
  • Permanent Employment
  • Resume Building
  • Steps from the Beach
  • Community service opportunities
  • Drug screening to keep you on track
  • Semi-Independent living
  • Supportive environment
  • Ability to leave the community, unlike inpatient treatment
  • Holistic healing sessions: yoga and meditation
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Sober Living Community imageGetting the Most Out of Your Sober Living Community 

Sober recovery communities are living residences with the power to motivate and rehabilitate, responding directly to active contribution from residents committed to sobriety. 

Sober communities are only as successful as the residents who are committed to staying on the path of recovery. Life without drugs becomes attainable and cherished. Recovery communities are barred from harboring alcohol and drug paraphernalia, and adhere to the commitment of sobriety. Each member committed to the betterment of themselves make a promise to abstain from illegal substances, and encourage their peers to hold themselves to the same standards. 

The residential staff ensures the environment of Harbor Village’s sober living community remains the pinnacle of premium health and psychiatric care. Residents will receive random drug and alcohol tests to monitor the progression of transitioning from sober living communities to independence. Recovery communities offer residents stability and help patients acclimate themselves into everyday society.

Our residents form lasting relationships during their time within recovery communities, because they always feel like they’re with family from the very beginning.

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