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Drug Rehab Center in Daytona Beach

The Party’s Over – Find Help for Your Addiction at a Drug Rehab Center in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is notorious for it’s fast, fun party atmosphere and easygoing nature. Put down the “I Pooped Shirt,” because underneath the laughter and smiles you’re waging a silent war on alcohol abuse and dependency. Too many lives are affected by the vicious claws of addiction, a disease with physical, emotional, and psychological ramifications. When the party is over and you find yourself desperate for illicit substances in order to function it’s time to seek help. A drug rehab center in Daytona Beach can help you take back control and enjoy life again.

Harbor Village surpasses other Daytona Beach drug rehab centers by not only treating addiction’s surface symptoms but finding and treating the source of the illness through therapy, life coaching, and other methods of rehabilitation. By offering a personalized plan of attack, we enhance your chances of long-term recovery and continued sobriety. With inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization options we work to find the best route for your specific situation. Our medical staff cares about your goals and concerns. They are available 24 hours a day to monitor your progress and assist in any way they can.

Receive the Best Possible Treatment Through a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Daytona Beach

Abandon the ridiculous Daytona Beach Spring Break fan-fare and go through the drug rehabilitation programs offered by Harbor Village. You will experience the full spectrum of treatment options designed to improve your quality of life, and banish drug and alcohol addiction forever. From a range of different therapy methods to services aimed at whole body health, Harbor Village is dedicated to producing the best possible version of you.

Drug rehab centers in the Daytona Beach area offer different therapy options to help you discover where the roots of your addiction lie. This includes:

  • Group dynamic therapy as early as the detoxification stage of treatment to begin the healing process as early as possible
  • Group relapse therapy to encourage you to remain on a path to sobriety
  • Intensive therapy for those battling addiction as well as mental disorders
  • Family therapy to ensure the most supportive, healthy environment possible upon your release from the campus
  • Art therapy as a healthier, more productive means of dealing with stress and emotional problems
  • Life coaching to guide you toward post-treatment goals such as furthering your education, receiving job training, and securing housing

Harbor Village’s Drug Rehab Center for Daytona Beach also offers referrals for those seeking a sober living facility for continued support as you transition back into society after completing treatment.

Enroll in Drug Rehab Centers in Daytona Beach and Still Enjoy: Bike Week & Biketoberefest

With a privately enclosed facility featuring beautiful suites and resort-quality amenities, your journey to sobriety can be comfortable and enjoyable. Harbor Village features a full gym, spa, and salon. Yoga sessions and guided meditation as well as weekly events are just a few of the additional services offered to enhance your experience with our rehabilitation program. While treatment with other drug rehab centers in Daytona Beach may seem like a restrictive and stressful, we seek to make the experience as pleasant as possible to increase the likelihood of your continued success.

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