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Alcohol Rehab Center in St. Petersburg

Enrolling into an Alcohol Rehab in St. Petersburg

If you’re like the millions of other people struggling with an alcohol use disorder and talking about getting help makes you defensive or angry, speaking with one of our understanding addiction counselors will help you get the treatment you need without being judged by others who don’t understand the seriousness and aggressive nature of alcoholism. Harbor Village is a full scale alcohol addiction treatment center offering individualized treatment programs to help those with alcohol use disorders get back on their feet and overcome addiction at its source.

Our specialized cognitive behavioral therapy and group dynamic therapy revolve around helping you overcome the underlying causes of addiction and rooting them out with treatment addressing their sources. If you family and loved ones have abandoned you because of the strain addiction put on your relationships, we offer multidimensional family therapy to help reconnect you with the people you loved in a mediated setting. We understand getting back to the people you love is important to you, and can make the difference between your successful recovery and returning back to a life of alcohol.

We don’t stop treatment until we’re 100% certain you will not relapse. In addition to giving you hands on relapse therapy, we will teach you how to manage your life effectively without the means of alcohol. With the help of Harbor Village you will flourish and grow into the person you were always meant to be. We take a unique approach to treatment, as compared to our competitors alcohol rehab centers in St. PetersBurg. Harbor Village espouses traditional western medicine with the venerable arts of holistic healing to treat the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction.

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Waiting to Get Help from a St. Petersburg Alcohol Rehab Center Will Lead to Preventable Health Conditions

Alcohol use disorders are responsible for causing a medley of adverse health conditions which include:

  • Permanent Brain Damage
  • Heart Arrhythmias
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cirrhosis of the LIver
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Weakened Immune System

If you want to prevent the adverse health effects from an untreated alcohol use disorder, the best solution is to get treatment! If you or a loved one are struggling with alcoholism, preventing the permanent detriments of the disease is essential in living life after addiction. Our comprehensive treatment programs at Harbor Village empower you to return to the things you used to love. Don’t wait for a permanent health condition to impound the rest of your life because you didn’t get help from an alcohol rehab center in St. Petersburg!

Harbor Village serves St. Petersburg and the rest of the nation! Our award winning facility is accredited by the Joint Commission and is dedicated to helping clients make a full recovery from the throes of alcohol addiction. We accept most insurances and offer tuition assistance in some cases. Take advantage of our 24 hour help hotline to connect with an addiction specialist who will help outline a personalized treatment plan for your successful recovery!

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