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Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

The Miami area is our home, although we offer the entire nation with effective drug and alcohol rehab programs, we’re dedicated to protecting our local Miami residents. By providing the best Florida drug rehab services available, you will learn how to cope with inner traumas of deep seated depression, anxiety, and anger as you work through your addiction. 

Harbor Village’s Miami Rehab programs for drug and alcohol addiction are designed to guarantee you receive the evidence-based addiction treatment and recovery care.

  • Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs 

  • Group Therapy

  • Therapeutic Outings

  • Access to holistic services to treat mind, body and spirit

  • Upscale, spa-like facilities

Reclaim Your Life From Addiction with Harbor Village Miami Rehab Program

Inpatient medical detox focuses on eliminating the physical disease of addiction, and is required before progressing further in recovery. Harbor Village Detox is unique from its competitors by offering intensive one-on-one therapy, and group dynamic therapy during the detoxification process.

Personalized treatment is critical for patients to achieve lasting success and avoid relapses. We tailor your treatment plan to your unique level of addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for substance abuse. Inpatient medical detoxification helps you get there painlessly with:

  • 24/7 Medical treatment from expert medical doctors, psychiatrists, and drug counselors

  • Continual medical treatment to ease the pain of withdrawal

  • Gourmet meals for holistic health

  • Anonymous treatment of drug addiction

  • Relaxation sessions including meditation, yoga, and acupuncture

  • Elegant full spa & salon amenities

  • Private bedrooms with Xbox and Netflix access

  • Lush outdoor amenities, movies under the stars, barbecues, recreational pond

  • Individualized programs

  • Chauffeured pick up and drop off

Residential drug rehab offers patients continual medical support to treat lasting symptoms of withdrawal, and provides craving management. Residential drug rehabilitation focuses on providing clients with intensive one-on-one, intensive therapy and group therapy to figure out the underlying reasons for substance abuse within the safety of a 24 hour monitored treatment center. Addiction experts will guide you to sober longevity, and help decrease the chances of relapse in the future. We understand how important it is to establish a firm support group before you leave our facility, that’s why we implement family therapy, and help resolve any negative feelings or rifts that may have been caused by addiction with your family and loved ones.

  • Continual 24/7 Open Access to Medical Service

  • Gourmet Food and Specialty Beverages Anytime You Want

  • Family Oriented Outdoor Amenities: Movies Under the Stars, Weekly Barbecues

  • Private, Spacious Bedrooms Equipped with Netflix & Xbox Consoles

  • Full Access to Spa and Salon Services

  • 30,000 Sq. Ft. of Outdoor Lounge Area

  • Individualized Programs

  • Upscale, Privately Enclosed

  • Free Internet Access

  • Group Dynamic Therapy and Family Therapy

  • Lifestyle Coaching for the Future You Didn’t Think You Had

Outpatient rehabilitation sets you on the course to lasting success and sobriety. Allowing you to get back to your loved ones, professional life, and hobbies. Outpatient treatment is as easy as going to weekly check-ups and exams! Beyond the initial steps of recovery, patients discover the underlying causes of addiction by working with our compassionate addiction therapists during inpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient rehabilitation (rehab for short) gives patients the ability to test out independent living. Patients are allowed to return home after attending addiction treatment at our facility. Outpatient rehab gives patients the chance to test out what they’ve learned about addiction and apply it to everyday living.

Outpatient rehabilitation therapy allows recovering addicts to continue receiving medical and psychiatric treatment and establish healthy coping strategies learned during inpatient treatment. Patients are never alone for long. Recovering patients visit Harbor Village 3-5 days out of the week for cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapy, family therapy, and life coaching.

At Harbor Village we aim to cater to each of our client’s unique needs which is why we offer a variety of treatment programs. Our partial hospitalization program was comprehensively designed to effectively treat addiction, while accommodating our patients who are in need of structured treatment but do not require 24/7 medical supervision and attention. We recommend this program to those who are able to tolerate a less intensive structure, in addition to having a strong support system and safe housing already in place. This program was designed to provide our patients the flexibility of receiving adequate support, education, treatment services, and medical supervision within the allocated hours for our program, and returning to the dwellings of their own home at night. The daytime is generally considered “trouble hours” for recovering addicts, therefore we provide our patients with highly structured treatment during those hours to help prevent relapse in addition to providing treatment and support. Our partial hospitalization program has similar structure to our residential drug rehab and outpatient rehab programs.

Patients participate in therapeutic groups, structured activities, and educational seminars. In this program we aim to promote the restoration of complete recovery in order for our patients to function within society. Our team of classically trained medical professionals and addiction specialists work closely with each patient in our partial hospitalization program to ensure they’re receiving effective treatment, education, and support.

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