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Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Harbor Village understands drug and alcohol addiction is not a choice, but a disease resulting from genetic history and environmental factors. Our detox facility’s inpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment plans are exclusively designed to help patients of addiction overcome physical and psychological dependencies from addictive substances. Most drug addicts and alcoholics are afraid of beginning treatment because they don't want to go through the painful withdrawal process. Our expert addiction professionals know exactly what you need before you do, because we've been through withdrawal ourselves.   Some of our best addiction specialists have traveled the path of recovery themselves, given them an intimate knowledge of what you're going through. Their own experiences with addiction recovery drives their compassionate desire to help others turn their lives around. We make the detox process as easy as possible, with round the clock clinical supervision and support. Our clinicians develop and adhere to your personal detox regimen, designed to address your needs while keeping your history and overall medical history on our minds. We make sure you are fully supported throughout the duration of detox treatment. Inpatient detox programs break the physical bonds of chemical dependency. These medical treatment programs are designed to help people recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction, address symptoms of withdrawal safely. The ultimate objective of detox therapy is to prepare you to address the underlying causes of addictive behaviors; by clearing the mind and relieving the body. During inpatient medical detox, recovering patients with substance use disorders will begin initial therapy to start identifying triggers causing substance use urges. During residential drug rehab, the next step of addiction treatment, patients will learn how to manage difficult thoughts and emotions. Inpatient medical detox focuses on eliminating the physical disease of addiction, and is necessary for progressing further in recovery. Harbor Village Detox is unique from its competitors by offering intensive one-on-one therapy, and group dynamic therapy during the detoxification process. Personalized treatment is critical for patients to achieve lasting success and avoid relapses. We tailor your treatment plan to your unique level of addiction. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for substance abuse. Inpatient medical detoxification helps you get there with: 
  • 24/7 clinical supervision from medical doctors and master level clinicians
  • Continual medical treatment to ease the pain of withdrawal (e.g. Methadone)
  • Nutritious, catered meals for holistic health
  • Anonymous treatment of drug addiction
  • Relaxation sessions, including meditation and yoga
  • Elegant spa & salon amenities
  • Semi-private bedrooms with streaming capabilities
  • Lush outdoor amenities, movies under the stars, barbecues, recreational pond
  • Individualized programs
  • Chauffeured pick up and drop off

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Will Help You Triumph Over Addiction

Inpatient medical detox helps patients overcome physical addiction, and provides a safe environment to undergo the withdrawal process. Our classically trained medical staff will be with you every step of the way, so you never feel alone. We'll answer any questions you have about the disease of addiction, and your specific recovery plan. Attempting to go through withdrawal on your own is dangerous, and can be fatal in some circumstances. Don't take that chance. Harbor Village Detox makes sure you're safe, comfortable, and on the road to recovery every step of the way. Learning about the disease of addiction will prepare you for the road to recovery, and will help you set realistic goals for yourself while in treatment. Read on for common myths falsely spread about drug and alcohol addiction.

Common Myths Revolving Substance Abuse:

Myth: Drug usage is entirely voluntary behavior. Fact: People with substance use disorders act upon a biological and psychological dependence, which addictive substances satisfy. Extended periods of drug use destroy neurological and organic chemicals within the body, inhibiting certain chemicals (like serotonin) from occurring naturally. Subsequently, the body requires the presence of certain addictive chemicals to function normally. Myth: Drug addicts willingly put themselves in environments conducive to substance abuse. Fact: Patients of prescription drug abuse often become addicted after sustaining legitimate injuries when trusted medical professionals prescribe highly addictive medications for conditions; some of which do not merit the potency of the prescription. In other words, pharmaceutical companies largely contribute to drug addiction. Myth: Drug addicts want to get high because they’re lazy and unmotivated party fiends. Fact: Substance abusers often pursue the liberating effects induced by drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self medicate. Self medication is the desperate battle to escape from internal and external conflict, and can stem from undiagnosed depression, tragic events (including the death of a loved one), anxiety, anger, and domestic violence or sexual abuse. Self medication is a cry for help, which frequently goes unanswered, because drug abuse is typically perceived as the sole problem. Most patients with substance use disorders lack the life skills to effectively cope and manage stress. Residential drug rehab is governed with the recognition drug abuse is a quantifiable disease as real as diabetes, and follows inpatient medical detox treatment. The medical detox process eliminates substance dependency, and attempts to restore naturally occurring chemical functionality. Treatment with Harbor Village Detox ensures substance abusers are skillfully cared for by top-accredited medical professionals, ensuring the process of detox is safe. Quitting “cold-turkey” in unsupervised conditions may result in unexpected fatality, and is often an ineffective means to attain lasting sobriety. Get the help you need  for drug and alcohol addiction treatment by calling us right now (855)767-8285!  

 Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Helps Your Body Recover From Physical Addiction, Here's What to Expect

Our first priority is to keep you comfortable during the withdrawal process. We pledge to exhaust every available resource at our disposal to make your transition from substance abuse to sobriety successful. To do this, Harbor Village Detox pairs holistic healing with medical fortitude by offering clients guided meditation sessions and relaxing yoga. Medical detox treatment includes group therapy, helping to establish your bond with the community around you. Our patients often form lasting relationships with their peers who are also struggling with the aftermath of addiction. The medical staff of Harbor Village Detox genuinely cares about their patient’s well being, and are available to offer advice for achieving the baby steps leading up to lasting sobriety. Ongoing medical and psychological assessments will track your progress throughout your stay with Harbor Village Detox. At a minimum, drug detoxification treatment typically lasts seven days, and is conducted exclusively inside of our detox facility, accredited by the Joint Commission. Drug use is a dire symptom of underlying mental unrest which drug addicts and alcoholics struggle to rectify. After completing detox therapy, and subsequent inpatient rehabilitation patients will feel reconnected with their inner selves, and possess the tools necessary to proactively address the continual stresses of life.

How to Enroll in Detox Therapy

Detoxification treatment is more affordable than you think! Harbor Village Detox is a client-centered detox center, and most major insurance companies will cover treatment. Upon successful completion of detox rehabilitation, clients will be well on the road to prevent future relapses. It is vital to remember drug and alcohol detox treatment is only the initial means of continued treatment; inpatient rehabilitation treatment is the next step on your road to recovery.

To speak to a representative about enrolling in inpatient medical detox call us directly at (855)767-8285! You can get to know us better by reading our philosophy and mission statement 6 Goals of Inpatient Medical Detox Treatment:

  • Stabilize withdrawal symptoms with the supervision of a professional medical staff.
  • Provide superior drug prevention education to stave off future relapses.
  • Begin to identify the underlying problems of drug abuse and begin initial psychological treatment.
  • Overcome withdrawal comfortably!
  • Become aware of the genetics that may predispose you to substance abuse.
  • Establish a firm treatment plan to implement upon completion of inpatient medical detox.

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