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Drug Addiction Treatment

Combating Drug Addiction Is Easier Than You Think

The difficulty with treating drug addiction treatment is that it is often hard, or embarrassing, to identify. Rest assured, drug and alcohol use disorders are treatable diseases, and there are many tiers of treatment which are designed to help people suffering from all types of addiction.

An obstacle preventing those with substance use disorders from getting treatment is the negative social stigma surrounding addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling to overcome drug addiction once and for all, there is no shame in that! Now is the best time to get drug addiction treatment, as more and more resources become available to treat drug use disorders.

Another reason why you should consider drug addiction treatment, is to avoid the complications, and permanent health effects associated with long-term substance abuse disorder. Overdose death rates are increasing across the board, largely because so many people with substance use disorders aren’t getting treatment they desperately need. Even with the dangers associated with drug use, including the potential for a deadly overdone, only one in ten people with drug use disorders will actually get the treatment they need.

Often, the fear of withdrawal keeps drug and alcohol addicts from seeking help. Often, addicts in recovery recount their experience as the most unpleasant thing that’s ever happened to them. Unfortunately this view of detoxification, keeps many away from getting the professional help they need. However, drug addiction treatment has evolved to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal; making the process of withdrawal not only tolerable, but also safer.

Choosing the Right Drug Addiction Treatment Program Is Half the Battle

There are many drug and alcohol addiction programs available to help people overcome addiction. Recovery from drug addiction is entirely possible with a bit of careful planning and a little research. However, knowing which program will cater to your explicit recovery needs is critical to successful treatment.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before going into treatment, perhaps the most important is “How long have you been addicted to drugs or alcohol?” The answer to this question is critical. Many people who have suffered from drug and alcohol addiction for years require intensive rehabilitation with inpatient addiction treatment, others who are experiencing the precursor of addiction (or substance abuse) may recover with less intensive treatment in outpatient rehabilitation.

Did You Know?

Treating substance abuse is just as critical as treating chronic addiction. The earlier you catch substance abuse, the less likely you’ll need to remain in treatment for an extended period of time. Also remember the earlier you get a handle on substance abuse, the less likely you are to do permanent physical and psychological damage to yourself.


For a brief rundown on the different treatment services available, please refer to our following quick-start guide to drug treatment.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation: Inpatient or residential treatment is the most intensive form of drug addiction treatment, and is conducted in a medically monitored facility. This is the most expensive type of addiction treatment, but is absolutely necessary for those who have struggled with addiction for many years. Additionally, patients that have relapsed will benefit from inpatient rehabilitation.

During inpatient drug rehabilitation recovering addicts can expect to participate in many therapy programs aimed at identifying the underlying causes of addiction. One of the critical components of successful inpatient rehab is ensuring the patient learns how to let go of addiction by resolving internal unrest and fostering the development of new, healthy, habits to cope with the emotions that led to substance abuse in the first place.

During treatment, patients can expect to receive medically assisted drug treatment to help stave off cravings for addictive substances.

Addiction Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient rehabilitation is less intensive than its counterpart, and requires patients to come in several times a week for therapy sessions and medical examinations. Patients are allowed to go home after treatment, and must be vigilant in abstaining from using drugs or alcohol. This is one of the main reasons outpatient treatment typically follows inpatient rehabilitation treatment- as this type of drug addiction treatment forces recovering addicts to remain sober without the safety of a monitored facility.

Beware of Insurance Companies Botching Your Drug Addiction Recovery!

Many insurance plans will opt to cover outpatient treatment first for many long term drug and alcohol users. This is never a good idea. Many people who need inpatient rehabilitation, will relapse quickly in outpatient treatment, and may suffer a fatal overdose. If your insurance company denies your request for inpatient treatment coverage contact your treatment center’s Utilization Review Department. They are responsible for representing your treatment needs to your insurance company, and may be able to help.

Sober Living Communities: After both levels of rehab treatment are complete, recovering addicts can get their feet wet living independently in monitored sober living community, which are similar to halfway houses. While living in sober communities recovering patients discover what it’s like to live without dependence to drugs or alcohol and practice the coping techniques they’ve learned during drug treatment.

What You Need to Know About Drug Addiction Treatment Detox and Withdrawal

Before you can enroll in either inpatient or outpatient treatment, you’ll be required to go through an initial drug and alcohol detox, or cleansing. During detox your body will be purged of any addictive substances which will help you overcome addiction in the long run.

Many forgo treatment to avoid this detoxification process. As we mentioned earlier, with the advent of medically assisted drug treatment detoxification therapy is comfortable and attainable. Many patients undergo initial therapy and immediately begin to shed their physical dependence to drugs and alcohol.

Attempting withdrawal from drugs and alcohol at home is not only mentally and emotionally taxing, severe complications may cause serious injury or death in some cases. That’s why it’s imperative to always seek treatment at an accredited facility for your explicit safety.

When you attend a certified drug and alcohol addiction treatment center withdrawal symptoms are not factor. Addiction specialists will be able to eliminate most of the symptoms of withdrawal by giving you an exact dosage of medication to combat each sign of withdrawal. Gone are the days of deadly withdrawals.

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