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The Recovery Equation: Understanding Addiction Through Math

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Math: it’s not everyone’s strong suit. I admit, I don’t struggle with it as much as some, but it’s hardly an easy subject for me, either. Rather you use it daily or not, math has it’s applications- including helping you understand addiction. It may seem like a stretch, but hear me out:


Addiction= Trauma + Emotional Avoidance – Positive Coping Mechanism

Understanding addiction means looking beyond the symptoms into the deeper lying causes. Those roots often lie in past traumas and pain. Illicit substances assist in emotional avoidance, only allowing the true problem to fester and grow while compounding it with addiction. People don’t develop substance abuse disorders because they’re fun; they develop due to lack of positive coping mechanisms. Once you understand this, you also understand the key to overcoming addiction.

The Recovery Equation

Okay, now that you understand the basic math of addiction, it’s time to break down the recovery equation. Much like your first attempt at algebra, understanding addiction recovery through this simple math analogy might take some time to process. I’ll break it down into easy to digest pieces.

Addiction – Illicit Substances= Abstinence

We’ve talked about it before, but we can’t reinforce this enough: addiction recovery is more than just quitting. Simply removing the component of illicit substances does not equate true recovery: that’s simply abstinence. While abstaining from substance abuse is the beginning of true recovery, it is not the end of the journey. Stopping at abstinence leaves you vulnerable to the temptations and consequences of relapse.

Abstinence + Counseling= Early Recovery

True recovery is about delving into those dark, ugly places we spent so much time evading. Choosing a path of addiction counseling and maintaining your focus on moving forward is the secret to real success in clean and sober living. This journey is about a lifestyle change, dedication, and commitment. While getting into treatment and undergoing addiction counseling is the beginning of the journey, it must continue each day, one day at a time.

Early Recovery x Time and Dedication= Long-term Success

Every day you will learn something new to carry with you along your continued journey. Though the path will become smoother and easier to walk, it still requires daily work and effort. Embracing this new life fully and incorporating it in all aspects of your life will only further your successful future.

Do you have a better way to help others in understanding addiction? Leave it in the comment section!

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