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Seattle Man: “Excuse Me, Officer, Have You Seen My Cocaine Briefcase?”

In the long list of things you shouldn’t do if you want to get away with drug dealing, asking police officers to help you find your misplaced briefcase full of cocaine should probably at the top.

But, I suppose, sometimes you get desperate; lapses in judgement happen, right?

For a 19 year old Seattle man that lapse in judgement happened on Sunday. After stopping to pet a dog, he realized shortly after that he’d left his briefcase behind. Unfortunately for him, he dog’s owner had turned it over to a nearby officer who was directing traffic outside of CenturyLink Field. In a panic when he could not find his cocaine briefcase, the unnamed man searched desperately for his product before going to his last resource: the police.

In his defense, he probably hoped that if his briefcase was in the the possession of the police, they hadn’t opened it yet.

The officer in fact had opened the case- hoping to find identifying documents to return it to its rightful owner. He did- but he also found 154 grams of cocaine divided into four large bags and 27 smaller baggies. The briefcase also contained a small scale, cell phone, 50 diazepam pills, and a small amount of marijuana.

At that point officers had more than enough to find and arrest the man in question- that he would then return to claim the briefcase was just the cherry on top of the cake.

When asked about the contents of the briefcase, the 19 year old claimed in contained important paperwork he needed right away. He was then arrested on charges of narcotic possession with the intent to distribute.

Jokes and amusement aside, with the current atmosphere of the incredibly lethal substance abuse epidemic in the country, every small amount of these illicit substances we can keep off the street is for the best. If drug dealers want to accidentally turn themselves in, that’s fine, too.

What do you think about this unnamed man’s blunder? Leave your thoughts below!

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