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Russian Rescuers Save Drunk Man’s Life With Vodka

In the East Siberian city of Irkutska, a man was saved from jumping from a 5-story building when he asked for and received a bottle of vodka. The rescue service said the man, 28, was very drunk.

Rescuers tried repeatedly to persuade the man to give up on committing suicide. “It was hard to negotiate with him, but soon he demanded another bottle of vodka be brought to him or he would jump,” the rescue service said.

Fortunately for the drunk man, a neighbor bought vodka for him. Meanwhile the rescue team prepared a landing pad that would catch him if he fell or jumped off the building.

“Alcohol lulled the young man’s vigilance. Sitting on a drain pipe, he took a gulp from the bottle of vodka, after which he grew thoughtful,” the rescue service said. That gave rescuers “enough time to run up to him across the roof and fling a loop over him. At that moment, the man was seized by his legs from a balcony below the roof, which prevented him from jumping or falling down,” the rescue service said.

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